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CrossFIt and Nutrition Awareness

March 22, 2017

CrossFit used to post video’s like this all the time.  As the Games have gotten bigger, they have dominated the landscape.  But we are still about making people better through education.  Whether is was Gary Taubes, Robb Wolfe (kind of) or Barry Sears there were always great neutron minds coming in and out of CrossFit.  Don’t know those names?  Goolge or Youtube and you will find a treasure trove of nutrition information.

For Thursday’s workout, we will use a format similar to the 30 minute OTM from the last couple of months.  Each piece will have more work and less rest.  Count up all your reps, and that is your score.  The reason this is a little different is because we need 1 minute to clean up the floor for the indoor run.  If your have ever done Death by 10m at CFO, the final 10 minutes will be quite similar.  1 trip up the gym floor is 1 rep.  1 trip back is a second rep.  So before you start, we’ll need to move all the barbells of the running area.  Unless you want to do barbell hurdles as you sprint.

No.  We’re not doing that.

Workout of the Day

OTM for 10 minutes

20 Seconds of Wallball Shots 20/14

40 Seconds Rest

1 minute rest

OTM for 10 minutes

30 Seconds of Power Cleans 135/95

30 Seconds Rest

1 minute rest

OTM for 10 minutes

40 Seconds of 10m runs

20 Seconds Rest


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