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Challenge yourself.

January 09, 2018

We do challenges often – not necessarily monthly, but there is usually something going on. This current one…the kettlebell challenge… seems to have not sparked some fitness for many people. Was it the number? The 10,000 swings that turned you off? Was it the extra work? I have said it before…I did the challenge years ago and did NOT get to 10,000 swings. So why do it again? The question is really why not? I am currently standing just over 2000 swings. Not exactly on track for the 10 K, but more than I would have done this week. I even learned 6 new ways to kettlebell swing today with some quick Googling. I am planning on summer abs of steel. (And now that I have put that into the world, I better step up to the plate.)

I have been saying it is never to late to start this challenge. Because it isn’t. If 2 weeks from now you want to jump in, I will slap your hand and show your the swing and squat variation. 5 minutes before class is a great warmup no matter what we are doing in the class. 5 minutes after the class you just took is a fantastic cash out. Extra  swings actually helps with shoulder health. 

In the end, whether you swing the most or the least, you have added a new experience to your 2018. I am all about the journey – because the destination should never be the end game. 

Workout of the Day


Back Squat

5 Sets of 5 @ 80%


Reverse Tabata

8 Rounds

10 sec. Clean and Jerk 155/100

20 sec. Rest

Score is total reps. We are encouraging hanging on to the bar – something like …. 3 quick singles? You got this. 

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