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Bust the Leaky Gut Challenge!

July 14, 2017

Finally! All of the penalty jug  $$ has been counted and scorecards submitted- that means it is time to announce the winners of the Bust the Leaky Gut Challenge! We all know that if you stuck with the challenge all 6 weeks you already are a winner, right? I know… I know …on to the prizes.

Overall  Score with a perfect score on the daily list – Gloria! The overall score winner gets the contents of the penalty jug – she will feast off of the misgivings of others:) Those misgivings added up to $169.57.

Sleep – Tie to Wendy and Miranda with 42 pts. each

Hydration – Miranda – 42 pts.

Meditation/Reflection – Gloria 42 pts.

Exercise – Wendy 35 pos.

Weekly Challenges

Meters Rowed – Tim 101,537 M

Plank Hold – Gloria 111 Minutes

Kettlebell Swing – Gloria 1830 Swings

Burpees – Tim  700

Situps – Gloria 1000

Calories on the Assault Bike – Tim 437

Your prizes will be on the front desk – Congratulations to all who participated. We will have another challenge coming up after school starts!


Workout of the Day


Power Snatch

5 Sets of 1

Power Clean and Jerk

5 Sets of 1

Build across the 10 singles



Heavy Power Cleans at a predetermined weight.



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