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"Boston Strong"

April 15, 2014

It’s a huge accomplishment to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  It’s another to make the trip and complete the grueling 26.2 mile race.  Imagine that within minutes of finishing, buy information pills explosions rocked the finish line.  That’s exactly what happened to Vanessa a year ago on Tuesday.

Vanessa finished the 2013 Boston Marathon in 3:36, 20 minutes off her PR time, but she got it done.  She decided to bring her phone with her for the entire race, as opposed to stowing in a bag or a holding tent.  Bill was accompanying her, and they agreed to meet at the finish line.  Seeing there was a thick crowd, Bill decided to wait at the train stop just past the finish.  4 minutes after finishing the race, bombs rocked the finish line.  Panicked and exhausted, Vanessa called Bill.  From her story, they had a terse conversation that probably sounded like, “ok sweetheart, try to relax, stay calm, and get THE F— OUT OF THERE!!!”  I joke.  I know Bill is a professional crisis manager, but in a situation like this, the “pucker factor” must have been off the charts.

To commemorate this event, Vanessa asked for a running workout.  I agree that a running workout is appropriate, but much like the Boston Marathon last year, the hardest part will be at the end when you are tired.  Keep your composure and work hard until the end.

What’s Vanessa plan for next year?  Run the Boston Marathon.


A huge good luck goes out to CFO athlete and elite runner Janice Kesterson, who is running in the Boston Marathon next week.  You may recognize Janice as a neon blur that flies past you on running days.


Workout of the Day

“Boston Strong”

With a 20 minute cap

Run TL Davis 2x

100 Doubleunders

50 Wallball Shots

In the remaining time, perform as many Kettlebell Swings as possible, 53/35

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