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April 04, 2017

Wednesday is our first bench session on the new strength program.  The first 3 weeks will likely be a feeling out process for this lift as we haven’t tested for 1RM in a bit.  I suggest something below bodyweight for this session, unless you are a benching machine.

For the workout, you will notice we have not removed the tape for the 25′ walking lunge.  Let’s use it!  So just like the thruster workout from last week, grab 1 dumbbell and hold it in the front rack.  Lunge down and back.  Then drop that sucka and do some HSPU.

This is very similar to a CrossFit.com workout, but with a DB. If we used the barbell, we would likely clothesline each other.  If the class is crowded, you can use the “in between” spaces on the tracks.

Big Congratulations to Coach Thomas and Sara! They had a romantic weekend getaway and tied the knot this weekend:) Love you guys!

Workout of the Day


Bench Press

3 sets of 8, 55% of 1RM

Take 10 minutes to get warm/to a working weight, and get your press on.  Take 90-120 seconds rest between sets.



DB Front RackWalking Lunge 50′ 50/35

1o Handstand Pushups

Sub 3 Wall Climbs

Hold 1 dumbell in the front rack just like the thrusters from last week

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