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Be Strong Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar

April 02, 2013

Charles Shipman of Be Strong Athletics started a CrossFit/Olympic Weightlifting Podcast.  Check out the podcast if you are an Olympic lifting/CrossFit nerd.  “Uncle Charles” will be running the Olympic Seminar that CFO is hosting on April 13.  There are still spots available.

I would highly recommend attending this seminar.  You will pick up nuances on the lifts that you will be able to carry over to your training over the next year, health and well, maybe forever.

If we’ve learned anything in the Open, it pays to be really good at the Olympic Lifts.  13.1 and 13.4 tested these movements to a near extreme level.  13.2 had major O-lift components.  33% of the movements tested have been Olympic lifts.  Wanna be good at CrossFit?  Take it upon yourself to master the Olympic lifts.  Take this opportunity and get to the seminar.

Just as exciting as what 13.5 will be is "What shirt will Bob wear?"

Just as exciting as what 13.5 will be is “What shirt will Bob wear?”

Workout of the Day


Build to a heaviest set possible in 20 minutes

Snatch/Snatch Balance/Overhead Squat/Hang Snatch



Run 200m

10 Burpees to plate

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