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May 21, 2015

Alison and I attended the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar over the weekend.  CrossFit coaches have to be certified after 5 years – we actually attended our first seminar in 2009, look but they did not begin testing until 2010, so we found ourselves back at the beginning.  Even for folks like us, that live and breathe CrossFit everyday, it was an excellent way to spend a weekend and there was stuff to learn, be reminded of, and relearn.  It was like getting to go back to Dagobah and shake  hands with Yoda for a weekend. (Alison even got up the nerve to ask Katie Hogan what her favorite Arrested Development character was. Al didn’t have any CrossFit specific questions…just more concerned about #AD)

CrossFit teaches the 9 foundational movements at the Level 1 Seminar – the Squat series (Air, Front and Overhead), the Press series (Press, Push Press and Push Jerk) and the Pull series (Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High Pull and Medicine Ball Clean).  Over the years there has been criticism of these movements – especially the SDHP and the MBC.  I think the argument is that they might be too simple, too complex, not hard enough, there are better choices, and more.

What I really noticed is that CrossFit has done a better job of articulating why we choose these movements as foundational.  Yes, the Snatch is probably a better movement than the SDHP, but the SDHP allows us to teach how to apply speed to the bar in a safe, effective way.  The same with the MBC – it allows us to teach pulling the body under an object in the safest way.

And here’s another secret – these movements, specifically the SDHP and MBC – have a great ability to express power and test stamina.  Don’t believe me?  Do todays WOD.

Mark your calendars - individual competition with RX, scaled and masters divisions. August 15th, 2015. All WOD's will be capped at 7 minutes.

Mark your calendars – individual competition with RX, scaled and masters divisions. August 15th, 2015. All WOD’s will be capped at 7 minutes.

Workout of the Day


Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55

Medicine Ball Clean 20/14

Perform this couplet at 0:00, again at 10:00 and for a third time at 20:00.  Each couplet is timed, so you will have 3 scores.

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