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October 23, 2017

They get STRONG TOGETHER, of course! You’re in for a real treat with these CFO
spotlight athletes. We get to learn more about Wendy, Joe and Joe Jr Petroni . We have
watched them all get stronger and push past their comfort zone limits. Wendy competed
in her first CrossFit competition in our Summer Slam competition and was tenacious
through each workout. They often travel as a family to the gym on Sundays to get a
workout in. HOLD THE PHONE!! There’s another Petroni that CrossFits! Luca Petroni
is part of CFO teen class. Alison and I have had a blast coaching and watching him get
stronger. Luca is a hockey player. So, there ya go….A family of BADA$$ES. We are
happy they are a part of our CFO community.
How were you introduced to CFO?
W: Joe made me do it.
J: I heard there was CrossFit in Oakdale and the Huberty’s came to Boy Scouts, so I
thought I’d try it.
JJr: My mom and dad convinced me to join.
When did you realize CrossFit was for you?
W: After the first night, I was hooked.
J: When I learned that you got to do push-ups from the floor.
JJr: When I realized how it was the most effective form of exercise.
What is your first impression?
W: Everyone looks like normal people, just stronger!
J: This is going to be hard.
JJr: I’m gonna die.
What do like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?
W: The community helps you keep going during a tough WOD. The trainers help you
scale just enough that you continue to push yourself.
J: It’s well managed. Everything is on time. You’re done in an hour.
JJr: The community
I have always wanted to…..
W: rest on Sunday.
J: play ice hockey
JJr: go to Italy
One word people use to describe me:
W: Dedicated
J: Quiet
JJr: Quiet
Outside of the gym I like to…..
W: Watch my youngest play ice hockey and be with my family.

J: Do nothing.
JJr: Spend time with my family and watch hockey.
Three things in my fridge:
W: Almond Milk, Chicken, and Cheese
J: Ice, butter, and baking soda
JJr: Grass fed beef, organic eggs, and sauerkraut
The last thing you ate:
W: sauerkraut
J: watermelon
JJr: Beef+apple+bacon Epic bar
Something no one knows about me or would be surprised to know:
W: I used to race BMX when I was young.
J: I had 71 Vega with a 350 chevy for drag racing.
JJr: I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale:
W: Being a hockey mom is physically exhausting.
J: Wrestling with my grandsons.
JJr: ice skating with my sons
Favorite place to eat:
W: Anywhere that has Margaritas or Bloody Mary’s.
J: Original Tommy’s hamburgers
JJr: Sushi
Proudest accomplishment:
W: Having two of my children earn their Master’s Degrees and have successful careers.
I have one more kid to go.
J: Helping my wife raise three good kids.
JJr: My sons, Giuseppe and Santino
If you could invite anybody to dinner:
W: Mike Ricci, Retired hockey player
J: Mel Brooks
JJr: Chuck Norris
Favorite workout attire:
W: Shorts and Tank
J: Shorts and T-shirt
JJr: Hylete apparel, Nike Metcons/Adidas Lifters

Workout of the Day



Handstand Work

30 seconds on, 30 seconds off



30 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

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