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Athlete Spotlight – Damon and Katie

October 08, 2018

Katie and Damon might be the nicest, most well mannered people to grace our doors. But you say 3…2…1… go and they are there to cash checks and snap necks. Enjoy this little insight into their lives courtesy of Coach Tricia.


How long have you been a member at CFO?

D – Katie and I started coming to CFO in late September of 2017.

K – About 1 year

How long have you been CrossFitting?

D – I have been doing CrossFit consistently for about 1 year.  I also did CrossFit off and on about 5 years ago in Arizona while in school.

K – I started CrossFit about 1 year ago.

How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you? 

D – I was introduced to CFO through my neighbor who was going to this gym. I have always enjoyed the CrossFit style of workout. After coming to first class at CFO, I knew I had to get back into CrossFit.

K – I agreed to TRY CrossFit because Damon really wanted to start. I was pretty sure I would hate it…but I got hooked within the first week. I could tell it would be something I could stick with, unlike going to the gym by myself. (Don’t tell Damon that he was right.) 

What advice would you give to somebody just starting CrossFit?

D – Not to think, “I’m not able to do those exercises,” because there are always alternative movements.

K – Don’t compare yourself to anyone else!

 What do like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale? 

D – I like the thorough warm ups, and going over correct form for each movement of the workout.

K – the coaches—they are really good about offering tips to correct form

 I have always wanted to….. 

D – Surf down the tunnel of a wave.

K – travel to Rome

One word people use to describe me: 

D – Competitive

K – Damon says I’m a “smarty-pants” (whatever that means)

Outside of the gym I like to…..

D – Play indoor soccer, run with our dog at the park, and have family game nights.

K – read, be outside

Three things in my fridge:

D – Homemade strawberry jam, Bacon, BBQ sauce

K – Kerrygold cheese, fruit, leftovers

The last thing you ate:

D – Steak, potatoes, and asparagus

K – Dark chocolate

Something no one knows about me or would be surprised to know:

D – When I was younger, I was afraid of telephone poles because I thought I would get splinters if I touched them.

K – I know every single word to “Fergalicious,” but only if I’m by myself in the car

Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale: 

D – My favorite physical activity outside CFO is to play ultimate Frisbee, indoor soccer, and kayaking.

K – hike, Frisbee, soccer

Favorite place to eat: 

D – Anywhere I can get a good burger! Any suggestions?

K – Anything Italian

Proudest accomplishment:

D – Completing my nursing degree and getting my first nursing job.

K – surviving a rough first year of teaching

If you could invite anybody to dinner: 

D – Matt Chapman – 3rd Baseman for Oakland Athletics

K – My parents, Damon’s parents and all of our siblings

Favorite workout attire: 

D – Dry fit shirt, shorts and my nano 8’s.

K – leggings and tank top

What kind of music do you like to work out to?

D – Rock

K – hip-hop or pop

Where is your Favorite vacation destination?

D – Maui

K – Ditto^

What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement?

D – Favorite movement is power cleans. Least favorite movement is handstand work.

K – Pullups are my favorite, snatches my least favorite.

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

D—staying up too late playing video games.

K – I’m a nerd, so I got in trouble for reading when I should have been doing something else.

Workout of the Day



3 Pullups

3 Dips

OR 5 True Pushups (on your toes, on your hands, no saggy hips) 

Every minute switch between overhand, underhand and alternating grip on the pullup.

If you are doing pushups, alternate between regular, diamond and wide grip.



Power Clean 95/65

Push Press 95/65



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