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A’s Good Times and a New Week

September 09, 2018

Austin, Damon, Amie and Victoria took on the challenge of CrossFit Day the the Oakland A’s game.  Being CrossFit folks, we can’t do stuff normal, we have to make it an event. Austin, Damon, Amie and Victoria each had particular challenges.  For Damon, this was his first competition, ever.  For Austin, he got sucked into 3 weeks of work after committing to the event, and wasn’t able to train.  Amie and Victoria have been training hard since coming off the Royal Rumble but Clean and Jerks at 125 were either way beyond, or just at their fingertips.

Victoria and Amie crushed the burpee/DU part of the event, while Austin and Damon took on 185 pound Clean and Jerks.  In the days proceeding,  both gents were able to make the lift, but it was a fight.  Once the 3-2-1 go came, the slowly but surely pulled out 23 reps.

Amie hit 120 earlier in the week, and got 125 for the first time around Wednesday or Thursday.  Now all she had to do was hit it after doing a bunch of  burpees and DU.  Victoria took a couple of shots, but today wasn’t the day.  Amie made the clean at least 4 times, and with time ticking down, hit her clean and jerk at 125 to a huge cheer from the crowd.  

Workout of the Day


Front Squat

Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes


50 Wallball Shots 20/14

40 Pullups

30 Wallball Shots

20 Pullups

10 Wallball Shots

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