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Adjusting the schedule

September 05, 2013

We had TONS and Grace PR’s on Wednesday!  And a bunch of Clean and Jerk PR’s following Grace!  Fantastic effort and training is paying off in faster times and big lifts.  Even when exhausted.

Schedule Change:  Starting next week, approved the 5:30am Class will be on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.  No 5:30am class on Wednesday.  We will continue this schedule until the zombie apocalypse.  Or until we decide to change it again.

With this schedule, we will try to do a weekly express class on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm.

Due to coaches traveling, there will be no 5:30am class on Friday.

Wallball Challenge is up to 10 reps.

GHD Challenge update.  I finished a set of 36 yesterday.  Honestly, I cannot remember doing more reps than this unbroken.  I paused for the first time at 32 reps, caught my breath, and did 4 quick singles.  This was probably my best set of the challenge.  I really focused on pushing back hard on the way up, so the soles of my shoes make physical contact with the stop plate (engaging with the hamstrings).  I find when I rely on pulling against the foot pads (I do this more when fatigued) my reps get slower and my legs get really gassed out.  I have not been doing back or hip extensions, but the benefits of the GHD have been great for me, so I need to start working this in.


Workout of the Day



8 sets of 3, week 5 of 6

1 minute rest between sets.

Men add 20#, women add 10# to last weeks lift.


100 Doubleunders

Run TL Davis

50 plate burpees (45#/25#) 

12 minute cap

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