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A Quick Re-Cap for a Big Weekend

October 01, 2012

Whew, physician what a weekend!  CrossFit Oakdale Athletes took on The Diamond of the Tough on Saturday and the Tough Mudder in Diablo Grande on Sunday.

I’ll admit, pill I’m a little tired.  I’ll give a full report on the Diamond of the Tough tomorrow, and a rundown of the Tough Mudder the following day.  Rest assured, at both events CrossFit Oakdale athletes performed well, met the standard, and battled until the finish.

But, more importantly we supported each other the whole way.  Many athletes, and even more who weren’t competing, took a drive Friday night, and woke early on Saturday to cheer and support their friends and family members.

On Sunday, we woke early (again) on stuck together through a grueling obstacle course.

The camaraderie from the weekend was amazing.  Cheers, sharing food and stories, laughs and more made what could have been a long weekend into a memorable one.  I love CrossFit, but the thing that makes it truly fun, and truly addictive, is the love and support that we get to share.

If you came out to anything this weekend, Thank You.  If you thought about us, Thank You.  It all helps, and is all appreciated.

CrossFit Oakdale Pre Tough Mudder 2012: Before the mudslinging and electro-shock therapy.


Workout of the Day

Max Effort Monday

Split Clean Double

This is 2 split clean, LEFT leg comes forward as bar goes to front rack, return to ground, and then RIGHT leg comes forward.  So, 2 cleans, alternate legs.



Split Clean Double (that’s 2 alternating Cleans: 1 right foot forward, 1 left foot forward )

1 Wall Climb

2 Split Clean Doubles (the 4 alternating Cleans right, left, right, left, get it?)

2 Wall Climbs

Men – 115, Ladies – 75

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