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A New Total

November 08, 2017

Thursday we will test our 1RM Deadlift, and then some other stuff.  Here’s what it should look like: to pull your 1RM Deadlift, you should be very warm and your central nervous system should be fired up and ready to go.  Spend a few minutes stretching, but quickly get into moving those hips and hamstrings powerfully.  Banded good mornings, kettlebell swings, powerful rowing and others are excellent ways to get your body ready for the big weight to come.

We will spend 20 minutes or so on the Deadlift, then move onto the other lifts.  

As you warm up, use a perfect set up, and focus on keeping the bar close, and pull that bar fast.  Coaches will be watching when the bar gets heavy.  Here’s what they will be looking for:

No ratcheting!  If you pull the bar, and it slows to the point that you begin to jerk and shrug to get it moving again, you will need to stop that.  At CFO, you get, like 1 ratchet a year.

Keep your hips down!  If, as you get ready for a big pull, you shoot your hips to the sky, and you stiff leg deadlift as your slowly raise the bar one vertebrae at a time, you are probably done.

That’s about it. We want you to PR, but we want to have a healthy strong back for, like, forever.

Once we get into the Power Clean and Jerk from the rack, we should move quickly.  You should be very warm, so get the weight moving.

Workout of the Day

Lift for a heavy single for:


Power Clean

Split Jerk from the Rack

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