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A Day for You

February 07, 2018

**** SWEAT, SIP & SHOP has been moved to Sunday, February 25th at 11am. Open gym for makeup Open WOD’s will be from 12-2pm – you can even get some shopping in:)***

The post title is slightly misleading – it’s a day for you to make some decisions about how you want to treat your workout.

First, I recognize Tuesday’s OTM was a shoulder destroyer, so I wanted to give your overhead a break on Wednesday.  There won’t be anymore pressing Friday or Saturday, although shoulder stability will be important.

The shoulder strength session comes straight from CrossFit.com: 5 singles of shoulder press, 5 singles of push press, 5 singles of Jerks (push or split is fine).  The goal is to lift heavy, but some strategy should involved.  Ideally, you will increase the load on every set.  So, you may shoulder press 95-105-115-125-135, then push press 145-155-165-175-185, then jerk 195-205-215-225-235.  That would be a pretty successful day for me.  That’s an increase of 140# across the sets.  If you make 5# jumps, that would be a 70# increase.  These are guidelines – challenge yourself, knowing what is a reasonable starting weight, so you can get to a manageable finishing weight.

Like all overhead days, I recommend dropping heavy weight to the floor, striping the bar, cleaning it up and putting it back on the rack.  You can also team up and use 2 lifters to re-rack.

For scoring, please provide your 3 best lifts.

For the conditioning piece, I want to continue to work walking lunges.  For new athletes, a vanilla walking lunge is fine and will be considered RX.  The lunges will be coupled with DB snatch, so if you choose, you can carry the DB on the lunge.  You can rack it like a barbell across your throat, suitcase carry it, rack on one shoulder, to carry it over head.  I guess you could even hold it in your teeth.

If you just lunge, this will be a DB snatch workout.  If you carry the DB, it will be a lunge workout.

Workout of the Day


Shoulder Press


Push Press


Jerk (Push of Split)



7 Rounds

In 1 minute, perform a 50′ Walking Lunge (Down and Back)

In the remaining time, perform as many alternating DB Snatch 50/35 as possible

Rest 1 minute

Score is total number of DB Snatch completed.

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