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Zumba and Switch-A-Roo

November 14, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out and shook it tonight for Barbells for Boobs!

We have raised a good deal of $$ for our cause. That also means there are a lot of burpees on the line. If you feel like we have been unfair, or you want to really play the game, I offer you this: We will no longer be adding burpees to our pot, BUT we are can move them around. You can buy burpees off a coach and transfer them to another coach. For example: Tim could spend $500 and transfer his burpees to Denny. Just an example. Talk to Alison to make sure things get switched properly.

Workout of the Day

***This was supposed to be a running/rowing workout, but we needed to make a switch due to the air quality***

OTM 30

Minute 1 – Power Clean

Minute 2 – Squat Clean

Perform 3 Burpees before every lift.

You can only add weight after your Squat Clean.  So, you can make 14 total jumps.  Score is your best lift.


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