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100, Part Deux

May 15, 2017


We’ve got another version of last week’s work/rest workout.  This time with an “Angie” feel.  With a 30 minute cap, you will work for 1 minute, resting the other as you chip away at the three movements.

I think the Burpess and the Wallball Shots will be pretty manageable for everyone.  The Chest to Bar Pull-ups are where this will get tough.  For scaling, here’s my advice:  if you can do C2B, but struggle, do 50 C2B and 100 of the other stuff.  Or, you get as many as you can until the 20:00 point, then, regardless of number, you begin your Burpees.

When you score this workout, just annotate the number of Pullups you did in the session.

If Pullups are a stretch, grab a heavy kettlebell and swing it.  If you can easily swing that KB 20 times, you need to get something heavier.  Normally swing yellow?  Grab green or blue.  Normally swing blue?  Grab pink.









Workout of the Day

With a 30:00 clock, working 1 minute, resting the other minute:

100 Wallball Shots 20/14

100 Chest to Bar Pullups

100 Burpees

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