Milo Tester

A couple of thoughts:

This test comes from those crazy Canucks from James FitzGerald and OPT.  James was the first CrossFit Games champ and he has forgot more about exercise than most of us will ever know.

Are Full, or Squat Cleans ok?  No.  This is a test of the Power Clean.  You must pull hard and receive high.

If the weight is in between, like you are supposed to work with 202.5, round to the lower 5.  In this case, do your Power Cleans at 200.

Remember, it’s your test.  There is no “RX” for this, just you versus your self.  Or maybe, you versus the barbell.  Either way, every rep will be earned and should be celebrated.

Scores should generally be between 15 and 35.  If you can do more than 35, you didn’t really set a 1RM Power Clean.

If you did less than 15 – that’s ok.  You will want to work on power out put over the coming months to expand your fitness.

A pretty good strategy will be a rep every 15 to 20 seconds.  You may even try to just go OTM, Milo style.

For me, it just so works out that the weight I hope to hit is the number I should have added to my Milo.  I did 235 last week, and my Power Clean is 265.  So I should work at about 240.


Workout of the Day

Milo Test

Establish 1RM Power Clean

Once your Power Clean is established, multiply that weight by .9.  This is 90% of your 1RM.  Use this weight to perform:

As Many Power Cleans as Possible in 8 minutes with 90% of 1RM.

Your score is: your 1RM, the 90% weight and the reps completed.  It may look like:

250, 225, 27

Thanks for being a part of “Hewell”

Thank you for your support Stockton Police Officer Scott Hewell.  Together, we raised over $1800 for Scott’s family.  We moved a ton of weight and did a plethora of burpees to pay respect to a man who gave his all.  Thank you to all our generous donors that provided awesome prizes for our raffle:  Gun Accessory Supply, RokFit, Rogue, Caffeine and Kilos, Scentsy, Perfectly Posh, Golden Valley Awards, Again Faster, FitFit, Paleo Sweet Tooth, Lafayette Sugar Shoppe, Glitter Mama, Monet’s Garden, Fuel for Fire, Rita and Louis, Nick and Jen from NorCal CrossFit and Big Vic’s BBQ.

Thanks to CrossFit Lodi, CrossFit Parabellum, and Barbarian Strength and Conditioning for coming out in force and supporting “Hewell!”

The Top Performers in “Hewell” were:


Kevin Rooney, CrossFit Lodi, 9 rounds plus 13

Denny Ferreira, CrossFit Oakdale, 9 rounds plus 2

Christian Acosta, CrossFit Oakdale, 8 rounds plus 11


Sarah McRoberts, CrossFit Lodi, 9 Rounds plus 1

Sarah Lindblom, CrossFit Oakdale, 8 rounds plus 2

Alex Barenchi, CrossFit Parabellum, 7 rounds plus 14

Spirit of the Event Award went to Alys Z. who competed for the first time at the age of 12. 

Top "Hewell" Competitors

Top “Hewell” Competitors

Workout of the Day


Back Squat

Establish a 3 Rep Max

We are going to use this number for a 6 week build, so set a solid number



4/3 Wall Climbs

30 Pistols (alternating)

75 Doubleunders

Athlete Spotlight – Pete A


As usual, I am excited for WHO’s WHO so, without any further to do, allow me to introduce PETE ANDERSON.

How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you?

My son plays baseball with Denny’s boy Brody. I was asking Denny questions about CF and he’d always tell me to go in and try a WOD. A couple of months later I finally dragged my butt in there. The WOD that day was “Helen” and it thoroughly kicked my ass.

It took about 6 weeks to get hooked. When I would read Brian’s blog about the next day’s WOD before going to bed and then lie there awake most of the night strategizing, I knew I was all in.

What is your first impression ?

Some really cool people working really hard. One time at a 0530 class, I was the only FNG and we had to run the TL Davis loop twice. I was slow. Brian could’ve timed me with a sun dial slow. I was on my second lap when I see Vanessa & Derek running towards me?? I’m like WTF are they doing?? They came back out to run in with me and help me finish. Most people, including the old me, would’ve been inside relaxing and drinking some water waiting for the FNG to finish. Not them. Legit.

What do like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?

Besides the people, it’s the daily battle I wage against myself, physically & mentally. I’m never the fastest or the strongest, but I could honestly care less. I know it irritates Alison, but I usually don’t want to write my score on the board, because in my mind, it’s me against me.

I have always wanted to…..

Open a BBQ joint like you find in deep Texas. A little hole in the wall with picnic tables, smoky walls, cold beer and great BBQ served on butcher paper.

One word people use to describe me:

I had to ask Julie on this one, she said – Direct, Kind, Giving or Thoughtful

Outside of the gym I like to…..

Hang out with my family & friends and coach baseball

Three things in my fridge:

Leftover BBQ, Dunkin Donuts Coffee Creamer, Bacon

The last thing you ate:

Tacos de Barbacoa w/ baja sauce & grilled Mexican Street Corn, that I made. Bomdiggity.

Something know one knows about me or would be surprised to know:

I doubt most people at CFO realize what I do for PG&E. If you’ve ever seen the guys hanging off of helicopters working on live power lines………………..yep. ( This would make a badass bring your kid to work day.)


Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale: These days it’s being outside working on my place

Favorite place to eat: My back patio. I spent enough years living in hotels & eating out. Although Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing would make the cut.

Proudest accomplishment:

My Wife, kids & the life I have

If you could invite anybody to dinner: Brian’s brother Rob. We can’t do enough to thank guys like that for who they are & what they’ve done. Top Shelf in my book.

Favorite workout attire:

Under Armour lacrosse shorts, a ball cap & my Lone Survivor Foundation T-shirt.

All in a days work...

All in a days work…

Workout of the Day


Power Snatch – Hang Squat Snatch

In 20 minute, build to a heavy set.  The goal is to perform this set without dropping the bar.


Perform the following 7 round sequence 3 times.  Rest 2 minutes after you complete the 7 round sequence the first time.  Rest 3 minutes after you complete the 7 round sequence the second time.  Your score is total time to complete 3 sprints of the 7 round sequence, including rest.  To complete this “the right way,” each round should be unbroken.  Meaning once you initiate your Power Snatch, the bar should not touch the ground until you complete the Hang Squat Snatch in each round.  Dropping between rounds is ok.


1 Power Snatch

1 Snatch Balance

1 Overhead Squat

1 Hang Squat Snatch

Men – 95, Ladies – 65

20 minute cap

Heat Schedule for “Hewell” Tomorrow

The heat schedule for tomorrow is below. If you registered online, you are definitely set in a heat. If you only said you were attending on Facebook, we were unsure if you only liked the event or wanted to participate. If you did neither or just Facebook, no worries, we can set you up for a heat once you get here.

It is a 14 minute workout out and we will run heats every 20 minutes. The first three heats are booked, but after that there are spots. We are treating this like the Open which means we might need you to judge. 

BRING CASH – we have AWESOME prizes that have been donated for this fundraiser. Raffle Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10. 

Special thanks to those who supported this fundraiser – 

Golden Valley Awards – Fuel For Fire – Perfectly Posh & Scentsy by Stephanie – Rita Nesan and Louis Minjares – Rogue – Again Faster – Stockton PD K-9 Unit – GlitterMama – Monet’s Garden – Paleo Sweet Tooth – Team Norcal – Gun Accessory Supply – Caffeine and Kilos – Lafeyette Sugar Shop – Fitfit & More!

Thanks to Thomas' experience with cordoning off an area we are all set for tomorrow morning.

Thanks to Thomas’ experience with cordoning off an area we are all set for tomorrow morning.

Workout of the Day



6 Squat Clean and Jerks 95/65

11 Burpee over Barbell

9am – 

Louis Minjares

John Lindblom

Trevor Arrighi

Bill Walton

Ryan Stiehr

Gloria McKaughan

June VonRotz

Kelly Arrighi

Tricia Wessling


Brad Burrell

Thomas Giles

Bob Wessling

Patrick McAninch

Jake Stephens

Kristin Burrell

Antoinette Lafranchini

Rita Nesan


Kevin Rooney

Denny Ferreira

Joseph Harris

Brian Huberty

Matthew Felber

Michele Beatty

Sarah Lindblom

Vanessa Walton


Joel Brambila

Alex Barachi

Paul Ghiglia

Janet Snow

Micayla Lowe

Jen Spies


Krista Messer

Kayla Messer

Katie Zaslove


Christian Acosta

Katie Zaslove

Katie Zaslove

Lizette Yepez




Chance Clark

Raffle Items for “Hewell”

We can’t wait for Hewell.  We will have a heat schedule up on FB and the Blog on Friday night, all other heats will be sign up on the day of the event.

We have a TON of cool raffle prizes:  CrossFit Games gear, a camping basket, a law enforcement basket (courtesy of GSA), a Pamper Yourself basket, a Rogue T Shirt, Caffeine and Kilos Coffee, CrossFit Oakdale gear and more.  All proceeds will go to the Hewell family. Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10.

Some of us have been on the Whole30 for the past  11 days. Brian is at his wits end but staying strong. Day 12 could be rough. Too bad he doesn't have Sarah to cook for him…this is what John got - sweet potato "bun" for his chicken sandwich with sautéed onion and spinach. Yum!

Some of us have been on the Whole30 for the past 11 days. Brian is at his wits end but staying strong. Day 12 could be rough. Too bad he doesn’t have Sarah to cook for him…this is what John got – sweet potato “bun” for his chicken sandwich with sautéed onion and spinach. Yum!

Workout of the Day

For time:
225/155 deadlifts, 21 reps
Run 400 meters
225/155 deadlifts, 18 reps
Run 400 meters
225/155 deadlifts, 15 reps
Run 400 meters
225/155 deadlifts, 12 reps
Run 400 meters

Focus on the Snatch

So we’re focusing on the Snatch – that is going to mean skill transfer exercises.  The first one we will use, and one that I believe will be of great benefit to many of you, is the Snatch Balance.

Review the video of Coach Burgener and his daughter Sage from their garage.  I love these videos, as they have been around for years, well before CrossFit blew up.  I would watch the over and over again, at a time when I truly did not understand the nuances of the lifts.  I remember watching videos of different lifts, and not being able to identify what the difference between a power and squat, or full version, of a lift was.

The Snatch Balance will be good for many types of lifters.  It will develop confidence to get under the bar, or if you land with soft elbows, it will fix that problem.

But, here’s the rub – CHECK YOUR EGO!  This lift will be of no benefit to you if you press it out or miss full depth.  Better to do it mechanically perfect at a lighter weigh, hitting all the positions perfectly, than muscling through ugly lifts.

Notice how Coach B makes Sage hold the bottom of the OHS position?  Try to do the same.  Be comfortable and patient in the hole and you will develop a great overhead position.


Workout of the Day


Snatch Balance

Build to a Heavy Single in 20 minutes



Overhead Squat 95/65

Toe to Bar

Ericlee Gilmore

CrossFit Oakdale lost a friend today.  Ericlee Gilmore lost his brief battle with cancer this morning.  I met Ericlee through the originally small competitive CrossFit circuit in 2010.  I’m a cynical guy, and it’s rare that you run into someone that is actually as earnest and caring as they appear.  Ericlee was that man.  He cared deeply about others, dedicating years of his life to the people of Haiti and the ministry that was founded by his grandfather.  Ericlee held various fundraisers for Haiti, many of which CFO athletes attended and participated in.

Ericlee brought his family to CFO from Fresno to participate in the final WOD of the 2012 Open.  Ericlee made the long drive to Oakdale only to hop out of the car and bang out some thrusters and pullups, PR’ing his 12.5.  You may have seen Ericlee competing at last years Franniversary with my good friend Andrew Williams of CrossFit Walnut Creek.  I’m willing to bet one of those guys had a supportive word if you were anywhere near them.

Ericlee is survived by his wife Dorina and three young daughters, Zayla, Giada and Meilani.  As events develop to help the Gilmore family, I will share them.  Ericlee will be missed, rest in peace brother.


At the Haiti Decathlon at CrossFit Combat Fitness in 2010.  Ericlee is seated beneath me, and his wife, Dorina, is wearing a white hat.

Workout of the Day


3 Power Clean OTM for 10

Add 5# to last week. This is our 12th and final week.  Bring it!


50 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

****NO 11AM Class Tuesday****

**** NO 11am Class Tuesday****

Registration still open for Saturday’s Fundraiser – click HERE and click on the tab for retail store once you have logged into MindBody.

Raffle prizes are starting to appear on the counter at the front desk. If you can’t be at the fundraiser on Saturday but would like to buy some raffle tickets, let Alison know. $1 each or 12 for $10. Items are still coming in, but so far we have out SkullCandy Crusher Headphones ($99 value), Again Faster Gymnastics Grips with 2 blocks of your own PERSONAL chalk, 2 $26 gift Certificates for – workout apparel, Rogue “American Made T-shirt size Large, 6 pack of Fuel for Fire (retail $24) and more!

Heats will be run every 20 minutes starting at 9am sharp. Heat Schedule is filling up…if you have a time you are hoping to be in, contact Alison by text (345-4380) email or Facebook (Alison Brennan Huberty) and she will do the best to accomodate you. 

If you are on the fence, please know that you can scale the weight to what works for you. Squat Clean and Jerks and Burpees over the Barbell will warm your heart for 14 minutes. It will be a blast!



Mike B with his FIRST HANDSTAND EVER!!! Congratulations! Hand work pays off!

Mike B with his FIRST HANDSTAND EVER!!! Congratulations! Hand work pays off!


Workout of the Day

With a continuously running clock, perform 1 Thruster 75/45 and 1 Pullup in the first minute, 2 Thruster 75/45 and 2 Pullups in the second minute, 3 Thruster 75/45 and 3 Pullups in the third minute, etc…until you cannot perform the require work in a given minute.

***If you don’t make it to 5 minutes, rest 1 minute and start over from 1Thruster/1 Pullup

With the remaining time in class, perform a Max Effort

Front Squat Double

Lift from the rack

Mid-Valley Mayhem Update


Jen C completely dominated the Women’s Division, winning every event and taking home $500.  She put on a clinic in each event, and really went HAM on the tough Event 3 with most of the gym watching.  Great job Jen.

Kirk had a great day, setting a PR on his 3RM Power Clean and winning his heat in the 1K row.

Jake PR’ed his 3RM Clean and battled through the row and the triplet.

Christian PR’ed his 3RM Clean by 30 pounds!!!  He also put on a show in the triplet, doing the fastest Box Jump in the gym.  Christian is very raw and new, but he is a talented athlete and a hard worker.  If we just get him some stronger legs (and a counter) he’s going to be one to watch out for every day at CFO.

We are looking forward to the “Hewell” fund raiser on Saturday.  We hope you are too!  A ton of people have told us they are going to sign up – and have signed up on Facebook.  But it will be hard to set up heats if you don’t officially sign up.  Otherwise, the WOD will be first come, first serve.

Milo is Wednesday – this is the final week!  Go heavy and fight for every rep!  We will do a Milo “tester” next week.

Today’s WOD is a Snatch tester – we will re-test in 7 weeks, after a period of focus on the Snatch (hi-YO!).  There is a good deal of strategy involved – if you miss, you get a Zero.  My advice: Don’t miss!  Open with a weight that you KNOW you can hit after the warm up.  

Kate the Great with the 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth - Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Kate the Great with the 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet at the CrossFit Day Oakland A’s Game on Sunday.

Workout of the Day

Run 800m

Rest 2 min

Run 800m

5 Minute Snatch/Burpee Test

In 5 minutes, establish a 3 rep Touch and Go Snatch.  In the remaining time, perform as many Burpees as possible.  Your score is your lift plus the number of Burpees completed.  For example, if you Snatch 160 for 3 Touch and go reps, and have 4:40 left on the clock, do as many burpees in the remaining time.  If you do 83 burpees, your score is 160+83, 243.

Schedule Change – Wish CFO Athletes luck in Turlock!

Classes at 9 am tomorrow and GULP – I will be training with Alison at 7:15am.  The goal is to be in Turlock by 10:30am to cheer on Kirk, Christian, Jake and Jen C.  They are competing in the Mid Valley Mayhem comp in Turlock.  Good luck!

Workout of the Day

25 Deadlifts 225/155

100 Wallball Shots 20/14

25 Deadlifts 225/155

At 7:15, we will start with

As many Box Jump, Step Down 24/20 in 10 minutes

Then DL/WB/DL at 20 minutes

At 45 min 10-8-6-4-2

Muscle Up

50 Doubleunders after each set