Weights/Movements for the RX Division of the Franniversary

These are the RX weight standards for the Franniversary.  All movements will be done for reps – so to do well, you will have to do a lot.  Work will be split up anyway you choose – if you have a weakness, your partner can save your bacon.  More info to come…

Thruster 95/65

Pullups – any style as long as full extension at bottom and chin over bar is reached

Clean and Jerk 135/83


Hand Release Pushups

Deadlift 225/155

Handstand Pushups

Snatch 135/83

Wallball Shots 20/14

Scaled Division movements are coming later this week!!!

The newest addition to ACKLEY CIRCLE!!!

The newest addition to ACKLEY CIRCLE!!!

Workout of the Day


Back Squat, Heavy 3

Week 5 of 8,  add 5/10# to last weeks lift.  Use 7-8 sets to get to your weight.  Things should be feeling pretty heavy.


With a 5 minute cap

25 Front Squats 135/95

25 Toes to Bar

25 Front Squat

Rest 2 minutes, then

25 Power Cleans for time (4 minute cap)

This entire WOD is capped at 11 minutes.  You will have 3 scores on the board – your Back Squat weight, a time for WOD 1 (FS/T2B/FS) and a time for WOD 2 (PC).  If you do not complete the work in the required time, your score will be the number of reps completed.

High Five Your Masters!

A few months ago some of our masters (35 and over) participated in the Masters Functional Fitness League. We had a few others join us for the swim WOD at the high school. This online team competition brought together over 1500 Masters Athletes all over the world. Though Athletes sign up individually, they are added to the team of their region. Prizes are given to team and individuals and they are impressive. We know because we have a Prize winner in our midst! Robin received her swag bag last week and we asked her to bring it in to show us. 

The October 2014 Competition began on the 27th. There are 8 WOD’s to be completed. There is no penalty for not being able to complete the WOD’s so a lot of the pressure is taken off which allows more room for fun. The WOD’s this time are shorter and we get to run the track on Saturday afternoon. If you would like to join the Masters Athletes we still have 5 WOD’s to go! I know June and Robin love a good cheering section as well, so Thursday morning during open gym will be the next time WODs will be done. Otherwise – big high fives and cheers when you see the competitors!


Workout of the Day


Deadlift, Heavy set of 5

Add 10# to last weeks lift



30 Double Unders

15 Kettlebell Swings 55/35

Snatch/Burpee Tester

On Monday, we will be re-testing the 3RM Snatch/Burpee WOD.  The way the test works is: with a 5 minute cap, you will attempt a 3 RM, Touch and Go Snatch.  You may rest overhead or in the hang, but you may not rest the bar on the ground.  For the Snatch, any style is ok – Squat, Split or Power.  You may find you are able to catch in the power on rep 1, but you may be pulling your body into a squat by rep 3.

When you complete your 3 Rep Snatch, you will spend the remainder of the 5 minutes getting in as many Burpees as possible.  More on that later.

To score, you will combine the pounds lifted with the number of burpees completed.  For example, if you Snatch 150, then do 75 burpees, your score is 225.

What happens if you miss a lift?  In a perfect world, you would get a 0.  I would like you to feel the pressure of “I have to make this lift right now.”  I would like for you to go into this test with the idea of nailing the lift on your first try.  Because you are testing your ability, there should be a razor thin line of being conservative and pushing your limits.  For a test like this, I would likely try something that I knew I could make, but I would like to pump my fist after making.

Because this is not a perfect world, I will give you a second attempt.  If you miss, wait 2 minutes, adjust the weight if needed and try again at the 2 minute mark.  Coaches will set the clock for 7 minutes to ensure that misses are accounted for.

So…how do you do best on this “test?”  Ideally you will perform a heavy (for you) Snatch and then smash the burpees.  Against a fit field, a big lift is a better way to score in a WOD like this.  Strong males should be able to push past 200 pounds, some will be way over this.  Someone really good at burpees can get close to 100 in 5 minutes, although that is a ton.  Most athletes will be somewhere in the 60 to 80 range.  It will be very tough to make up “points” by doing more burpees.

Finally, last time we did this I had my athletes touch a target 6″ above their reach.  Not everyone did the reach 6 weeks ago, but that’s ok.  If you are re-testing, do the same thing you did last time.  If you want to burpee to a touch even if you didn’t do it the first time, do the touches.  Try to match your old score on the burpees, cause it’s harder to make that reach.

You will have about 20 minutes to warm up your lift.  Personally, I like to warm up with the 3 position Snatch early, then get into doubles and singles.  The only triple I would likely attempt would be my game time lift.

Mike B and Jen C getting their pull-ups done during the killer thruster/c2bwod on Saturday

Mike B and Jen C getting their pull-ups done during the killer thruster/c2bwod on Saturday

Workout of the Day

Snatch/Burpee Test

In 5 minutes, perform a 3RM Snatch.  When the 3 RM Snatch is complete, use the remaining time to perform as many burpees as possible.

Your score is the weight you Snatch in the 3RM plus the burpees you complete.

Unless otherwise directed, perform burpees to a touch 6″ beyond your reach.

In the remaining timer in class, perform L Sit.  You may do this on the dip apparatus (Matador), the rings, or hanging L Sits.

Bench Press

Bench Press time baby!  We’ll hit the CFO weight room at 10am – if you trained at 9am, you are welcome to join the fun.  If you are training at 10, be ready for thruster/chest to bar after.

Workout of the Day


Thruster 95/65

Chest to Bar Pullup

Hero WOD Challenge

On Saturday October 25th we will be doing a Hero WOD with Maggie Snyder. From Memorial Day of 2014 to Memorial Day of 2015 she will be completing 127 HERO WODS in hopes to raise $10,000 for donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. We will be doing “Forrest” that day. You can ABSOLUTELY scale this WOD. There is a box on the counter to start donating! Fill it up!


3 Rounds for Time

20 L-pullups

30 Toes to Bar

40 Burpees

Run 800 M


Workout of the Day


Snatch 95/65

Handstand Pushup (sub 7/5/3 on Wall Climbs)

15 minute cap 

Build to a max effort Snatch in the remaining time of class. 

40 Burpee

“Macho Man”

We have done Thursday’s WOD at CFO before – we did it on the day we moved into our current facility.  But there is now a twist.  Instead of just trying to hang on, the WOD adds work late.  So, like life, the reward for hard work is more work.

There are 2 weight options – only try 185/115 if you have done it before and hit 10 rounds.  If you do not hit 6 rounds, you must drop the weight by 20# and start over after a 3 minute rest.

If at any time you feel shame for not using enough weight, be aware Froning got 20 plus rounds of Macho Man at 225.  There is always someone better, using more weight.  And that’s ok.  Do your best, move well and work your ass off. 


Workout of the Day

“Macho Man”

OTM for as long as possible

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squat

3 Shoulder to Overhead


If you are confident you can hit 10 rounds, you may try 185/115.  At 10 minutes, you must complete 4 reps of each movement.  At 11 minutes, you must complete 5 reps of each movement.  The next round, 6…

Cash Out (if time is available)

Practice L-Pullups

Press On

I posted on Facebook yesterday, but I want to have a bench pressing session on Saturday.  We’ll go at 10, which should allow the 9am folks to cool down after their WOD by whacking their pecs and the 10am folks to get started by getting their swole on.

As I asked before, 2 additional benches would be great – I think BMB has a line on 2, but just in case, if you have a bench from your old bodybuilding days (you know who you are) if we could borrow it for a lifting session, that would be amazing.  Please let me know in comments on FB.


Feeling Nostalgic – Check out Ashly working on her Double Unders!!

Workout of the Day


Deadlift, Heavy set of 5

Add 10# to last weeks lift



4 DB Push Press, Left Arm, 45/35

4 DB Push Press, Right Arm, 45/35

8 Chest to Bar Pullups

12 Box Jumps 24/20

Keeping Our Kung Fu Strong

A few months ago, on our family’s trip back east, we went to a good amount of CrossFit gyms.  An owner asked me what the best gym I’ve ever been to was.  I was kind of perplexed, thinking about it.  I though about all the gyms I’ve been to, but the answer was simple: our gym, CrossFit Oakdale.  Maybe it’s the great coaches, the awesome community, the brilliant programming (blush), the beautiful owner (hi-YO!) or maybe it’s something else.  But CFO is hands down my favorite gym.

In that regard, we always want to keep our kung fu strong, and here it comes…the dreaded etiquette post.

Please understand – this is not a call out.  If you think you are an offender, maybe you are.  But we still love you.  If we haven’t approached you about something you read, it’s probably because it’s a small thing.  But, small things add up, and that makes our kung fu weak.  If we have said something to you about an issue – we’re not rubbing it in.  And we still love you.  Maybe it’s a learning point, or you just left the toilet seat up and got caught.  Someone said “teachable moment” in the last 10 years, right?


Please be on time for class.  We get you for 1 hour, let’s use the whole thing.  In a class, we generally get 15 minutes to warm up, 20 minutes to work strength, 15-20 to condition, and maybe 5 minutes to clean up or cash out.  That’s it!  Take advantage of that whole time.  We have smart, creative coaches that have planned out warm ups.  Take advantage of it.  I don’t believe in burpee penalties or any such nonsense (it’s not the army and it’s your nickel) but if lateness becomes an issue, will I publicly acknowledge your presence to the class?  Probably.  We all run late.  The light at Gregor stinks.  But if it becomes a constant issue, please plan accordingly.


CrossFit Oakdale’s are all volunteers.  They volunteer their time, energy, knowledge and passion to help you reach your fitness goals.  Please be respectful of their recommendations.

Further, be respectful of the coach “on the floor.”  We’re lucky to have great coaches that like to hang out, but if you are attending a class, it is that coach’s class.  If you have an idea or question, please refer it to the coach that is running the class.

It is very important to us that coach’s participate in class WODs.  If you are training with a coach in a class, please be respectful of their WOD.  They are great people, but when it’s their turn to work, please let them work hard and focus on their WOD.

Cell phone usage

I understand it’s 2014, but I hope CFO can be a place where you can focus on YOU, not all the white noise that comes with modern life.  Cell phones should be put away, whether you are in class or not.  If you are anticipating a call, by all means, have your phone close.  If you are going for a PR lift, or your first muscle up, pull out that phone and video it.  Finally RX Fran?  Take a picture of the white board with your sweet iPhone 6.  Wanna send a 10 texts to your bestie?  Please take it outside.  Wanna scroll through your Facebook feed?  Please take it outside.

I understand phones are a huge part of our daily lives.  I ask that you please understand that too.  Even standing off to the side, scrolling through your IG feed to see how many likes you have or if Julie Foucher is following you, may take someone’s mind off of working hard and return them to that email they need to send of that document they need to review.

Words – Positivity

This is higher level stuff, but please use positive, encouraging words whenever possible.  What words are to be avoided?  Any and all usage of DON’T, or STOP, or QUIT or any other negative word you can thing of.  Replace “Don’t Stop” with “Keep moving.”  Replace “Never Quit” with “Be Strong” or “Compete!”

Think about encouraging things you would like to hear in a WOD.  I’ll never forget my buddy Chad leaning into my ear during a competition in Fresno, when I was rowing my ass off and saying, “Your legs are strong!  Use your legs.”  It was like Obi-Wan telling me to use the force.

Also remember, when someone is mid WOD, less is usually more.  We might need one good strong word of encouragement, not a constant play by play.  Or counting the time.  Or counting reps.  When in doubt, be positive, judicious, and effective in your language.


In the same vein, please respect the equipment, yours and ours.  Naked bars are not meant to be dropped, either on accident or on purpose.  Also, there is no reason to get mad at the equipment.  Sometimes it’s ok to yell out the f-word if you are missing that Jerk over and over again.  But it’s not the barbell’s fault.  Don’t kick it the bar.  If a set of wallballs isn’t going your way, it isn’t ok to slam the ball to the ground.  You energy will usually be better served by stabilizing your midline like a mother grabber, taking a deep breath and – breathe and fire.  Be zen.  Use the force.


Please clean your equipment with wipes after each use.  Spray down areas that you slugded up with sweat or man/woman gravy.  This means bars, balls, bell and mats.  Once you’ve used a wipe, PLEASE throw it away.  We find these little gifts deposited throughout the gym.  Same goes for water bottles.  Please throw them away – I may be the worst offender on this.

Extra Work

We want folks to work hard and work their goats.  But please remember the class is always the priority.  I am guilty of warming up in the pull up rig while classes are lifting or are mid WOD.  I know this because my lovely bride told me to quit distracting her athletes with my noisy stretching.  Duly noted!  As always, if you have extra work, please ask the coach on the floor if it is ok.  If you think you are being a distraction, you probably are.  Move and take steps to be quiet as a church mouse.  There are busy classes that I do not recommend extra work – basically 4:30p or 5:30p.  6:30p is generally a little looser, but that’s when I train, so you better be working hard.

Laying/Sitting Down

This may sound a little strange, but if you’ve noticed it, it may make more sense.  Please refrain from laying down while working out.  I don’t mean falling down after finishing Fran, although maybe I am if it’s egregious.  I’m talking about laying or sitting on the floor in between lifts.  I understand sitting down to restore energy between lifts – if you choose to sit, grab a box or a chair.  I would classify laying or sitting on the floor as being shorter than a toddler or a dog – it’s a good way to get hurt.  Weights are getting thrown on the ground, and there you are, sitting, unable to get out the way of someone’s missed lift.  Plus, and this may just be me, seeing someone lying down while I work hard may distract my mind from the task at hand and wish I was laying on the comfy ground.  If you are tired, please get up and find a safe place to sit.  If you are playing macho head games…well played!

Finally, always remember the Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated.  We opened CrossFit Oakdale to train at the type of gym that we wanted.  Each one of you is a valuable member of the community – if you see something you don’t like, please say something.  If you feel comfortable enough, talk directly to the athlete.  If you don’t, please tell a coach.  Guess what – we talk!  We talk about your successes, who plays well with others, who we need to keep a sharp eye on and more.  Why?  Because if you are EVER asked what is the best gym you’ve ever been in, we want you to say CrossFit Oakdale.

A fun little post on CrossFit Vs. Yoga  from the Atlantic Video.

Workout of the Day


Back Squat, Heavy set of 3

Add 10# to last weeks lift



Parking Lot Run

3 Burpees to Plate

Parking Lot Run

6 Burpees to Plate

Parking Lot Run

9 Burpees to Plate…

Burpees keep going up by 3…how high can you go???

How did you feel about “C”?

Well, 100 Rounds was very interesting.  I can’t say it was the hardest WOD I’ve ever done, but it’s certainly in the conversation (and it’s the longest).  I’m interested in folk’s thoughts – please post your experiences to Facebook, whether you finished all 100 rounds or not.  For the record, I finished in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  

Here’s some some of my observations

- The first 30 rounds of so felt like a regular CrossFit WOD.  That makes sense, because I made it there in about 20 minutes.  After that things got started to get different.  It was clearly mental, and the movements never really were close to failure (until later), but it became very difficult to hold a pace, and nearly impossible to speed up.  It seem like after round 40 or so, every round was a second or so slower than the last.

- I actually took planned water breaks.  Around round 75, I drank a coconut water.  My first round back  after breaks usually felt better, but after the first round, I felt terrible again.  Boo-hoo for me.  The WOD was long enough that it might have smart to sip a protein shake about an hour in.

- Unlike normal CrossFit style WODs, I experienced things I would associate with endurance sports: my ankles and feet felt terrible.  Worse was my hands, which were so sweaty that chalk really wouldn’t stick, and pulling on the bar made them terribly sensitive.  The whole thing just felt…high impact like distance running or road marching (from my army days).

- I wouldn’t really recommend doing this WOD, but I commend anyone that tackled it in any fashion.  The ONLY reason you can do something like that is because of great people.  The slog of rounds 35-85 was only lightened by Louis singing or Denny yelling out something.  It was interesting that early on spirits were high, and we were joking and working hard.  Somewhere in the middle, we were in near silence.  Just work, rest, work, rest – all focus.

- As we were finishing, there wasn’t a lot of cheering.  What do you say?  Keep going?  We had all decided that we were in it until the bitter end.  Now, all that was just left was to make it happen.

I realize all this sounds kind of negative, but it’s not.  It was a great experience, and I’m glad I did it.  I’m especially glad I did it with great people that appreciated and respected the challenge.  But I never want to do it again.

Snatch work: Next week we will re-test the 5 minute Snatch 3RM/Burpee WOD.  On Monday, re-test your 3 RM Snatch WITHOUT the burpees.  This will give you an excellent starting point for next weeks tester.

Lovely Ladies of Saturday's 100 Round WOD. They are still smiling!

Lovely Ladies of Saturday’s 100 Round WOD. They are still smiling!

Workout of the Day


Snatch, 3 Rep Max

Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3 Touch and Go Snatches



Overhead Squat 115/75

Toes to Bar

10 minute cap

“C” on Saturday

Ok, Saturday is going to be epic, the only thing I can think of naming this WOD, which comes from Ben Bergeron, is the Roman numeral for 100, C.

My plan is to start a heat at 9:15.  I recommend 2 time scaling options: a 20 minute AMRAP, or as many rounds until it’s 10am.

I will provide scaling options if you have any other questions.

I will be starting at 10am, so if you want to “race” me, be ready to go at 10am.

Last piece of advice – wear your favorite t shirt.  I’ll be rocking a CFO shirt.  Let’s be epic together.

Workout of the Day


100 Rounds

1 Handstand Pushup

2 Squat Clean 135/95

3 Burpees