Prison Rules

Barbells Behind Bars from T Nation

I don’t know if it’s because I loved Orange is the New Black or that I know a good amount of people that have spent some time behind bars, but I found this article thoughtful and interesting.

Old School CrossFit Video alert.  This guy was known as “B Boy.”  Brandon Gilliam, he was a CrossFit Original.  You see guys like this all the time in California.  But for me, sitting in NYC watching exercise videos, tattoos and flat brim hats, he looked like an alien.

Workout of the Day


400m run

Left Hand 50′ Overhead Walking Lunge 45/35

Right Hand 50′ Overhead Walking Lunge 45/35

15 Pullups

Getting Heavy

Today’s work requires our heaviest loads of this 18 week cycle – 5 sets of 2 deadlift at 90%.  Ensure you are thoroughly warmed up – don’t rush the warm up.  I do not recommend treating the sets of 2 as singles, but if you have drop and reset, do so.

The conditioning piece requires quite a bit of skill, either scaled or as prescribed.    



Workout of the Day



5 sets of 2, 90% of 1RM


25 Strict Handstand Pushups

25 Kipping Handstand Pushups

25 Pushups

At the top of each minute, do 15 Doubleunders


15 Wall Climbs

15 Wide Arm Pushups

15 Thumb Touching Pushups (also referred to as diamond pushups, but your thumbs must be touching)

At the top of each minute do 15 Doubleunders (or any DU substitute, 1 for1)

10 minute cap for either option.  Go hard

We are family!

I got back late Sunday night after watching the CrossFit Games.  Robin, Jake, Micayla, Denny, Chance and I spent pretty much sun up to deep in to the night watching people exercise.  And it was glorious.  We tried to put out posts via Facebook, but Jen and Nick performed admirable on NorCal CrossFit’s team, taking 5th place, and actually holding the top spot in the world going into Sunday.  After getting to hang out with both of them, they were tired but exhilarated and thankful for all the support from their CrossFit Oakdale family.

Friend of CrossFit Oakdale Cindy Kelly took second in the world in the 50-54 women’s master division.  Cindy has been to a weightlifting seminar at CFO and you may have met her at other CrossFit related events.  Great job Cindy!

Friend of CrossFit Oakdale Chad Augustin took 6th in the world in the 40-44 men’s master’s division.  I’ve known Chad for a few years, and you’ve seen him at CFO before.  I spoke with Chad a few times, and I know he was a little disappointed he didn’t land onto a podium spot (he was as high as 3rd at one point) but he worked his butt off and ran into some WODs that didn’t favor him and fought like hell against some fit dude, including the 1st CrossFit Games champion.  Great job Chad!

I have a nasty WOD planned for open Gym on Thursday night at 6:30 – it should take 30 to 40 minutes, but there is a good about of rest built in.

Saturday is Body Fat Testing – the sign up sheet is at the gym at the front desk, or contact Alison.

Next Saturday is a Pool workout at Oakdale High School.  It will be in the morning – it will be related to the Master’s Functional Fitness league, but there will be a workout for everyone.

Today’s WOD has some challenging movements that can be scaled.  Box jumps, as always can be subbed with step ups.  Ring Dips can be scaled with bar dips, jumping ring dips, or even pushups.

For Ring Dips, ensure you are in a good position, with your torso a vertical as possible.  I would recommend small sets with short break – 3s and 5s will work great here – singles can also be effective if you are quick and disciplined in your breaks.

Doug - 5:30am Warrior

Doug – 5:30am Warrior


Workout of the Day

“2014 Master’s Down and Back”

50 Box Jumps and Overs 24/20

25 Toes to Bar

50 Wallball Shots

25 Ring Dips

50 Wallball Shots

25 Toes to Bar

50 Box Jump and Overs

2014 Games are in the books!

Congratulations to Nick, Jen and the NorCal Team. Their strength and spirit got them a 5th place finish in the WORLD. The WORLD. We are so proud of you all!

Congrats to Rich Froning and Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet who finished first Sunday night. 

If you were not glued to your computer/ipad/tv this weekend, you can still catch the inspiring Athletes on the archives at the Games site.  



Workout of the Day


Back Squat

1 Set of 8 @ 80%



10 Sets of 3 Power Cleans  +5# heavier than last time

Post WOD Cash Out

50-40-30-20-10 Situps

10-8-6-4-2 Chest to Bar Pullups

Watch Out Alison is in charge!

LOL. There is a giant list of people who have vacated CFO for the weekend to go spend time yelling their hearts out at Nick, Jen and the NorCal team at the CrossFit Games this weekend. If you are one of these people please please please post pictures!! I have been glued to my iPad watching the team stuff and loving it.

While working and watching the Games I came across a few WOD’s that I wanted to try out AND they were approved by the powers that be down south, so we will be doing them tomorrow. (Found them at CrossFit Cheshire)


100 Double Unders

10 Power Snatch 135/85

80 Double Unders

8 Power Snatch

60 Double Unders

6 Power Snatch

40 Double Unders

4 Power Snatch

20 Double Unders 

2 Power Snatch


DU Power Snatch WOD


4 Rope Climbs

50ft Front Rack Walking lunge 165#/115

What do you say at the bottom of the squat?

Today’s strength – Bottom Pause Back Squats – will require a 3 second pause at the bottom.  This can be very effective if you rely too much on a fast bounce out of the hole (not always a bad thing) or are tentative in the bottom position (usually because you are inflexible).

Pause Squats are an excellent way to develop confidence in the bottom of a Clean or Snatch, as you will know whatever you catch, you be be patient and stand that weight up.  Additionally, it will identify weaknesses.  We are mandating a Pause today, but do not be afraid to use them in your squatting regularly.

See The Bell. See Sarah Ring the Bell. If you PR you RING THE BELL! 105# on the snatch today for this strong mama.

See The Bell. See Sarah Ring the Bell. If you PR you RING THE BELL! 105# on the snatch today for this strong mama.

Workout of the Day


Bottom Pause Back Squat – 

3 sets of 5

At the bottom of each Back Squat, have a partner hold you at the bottom for a good 3 count.  Use Mississippi, Watermelon, Bubblegum, Alligator, or Chimichanga to count.  NO SMILING!

Build to something heavy and you can add to each set.


“The Chief”

5 Rounds of


3 Cleans 135/95

6 Pushups

9 Squats

1 minute rest after each set

Start the next round where you left off.  Keep a running count.

Masters Functional Fitness League

Calling all Athletes over the age of 35! The Masters Functional Fitness League is a worldwide competition with each region acting as a team. There are 3 WOD’s that will be released and must be done August 7-11th. We will be doing them at CFO. Saturday August 9th, as a gym, we will be taking the morning WOD out of the box and into the pool. Once the pool workout is released we will have more information on how the WOD will be run. If you are not a “Master” you can still do these WOD’s with us.

There are different divisions: age groups as well as the Elite, RX and Scaled.

It is $25 to register (another $20 for a fun t-shirt) and you can register up until the 7th. So far, off the top of my head, Robin, Don, Tricia, Alison, Denny and Trevor (Bob and Brian will be signing up soon).  There are some high level Athletes in this competition…Cindy Kelley…Terry Dickman…Chad Augustin…Freddy Camacho to name a few.

Competing in your own gym is the perfect mix of comfort and competition. If you did Death by Barbell and are over 35 you SHOULD do this. If you have any question talk to someone who has signed up.

Register here.


Trevor has signed up for the Masters Functional Fitness League – GET ON IT!

Workout of the Day



15 minutes to establish a heavy technically sound lift



Chest to Bar Pullups

Burpee Over Box – 20″ for EVERYONE

Little (big) Metcon with a little post

Not to much to talk about…except Nick and Jen Checked into the CrossFit Games and will be competing tomorrow!  Good luck kids!


Workout of the Day


5 Plate Burpees 45/25

10 Kettlebell Swings 70/53

15 Wallball Shots 20/14

200m Run (Parking Lot)

Eating, Milo and Death…by 10 Meters

Couple of additions to my nutrition plan

I was asked about what I do Post Workout – for years, I mix a can of coconut water and a scoop and a half of SFH protein.  By Zone standards, that’s a 3 block Protein/Carb  post WOD blast.  I’m not going to change that at all, it’s as integral to my program as chalking up.

Jen C recommended Cherries to the berry mix because of the low GI count.  Right on Jen.  Cherries will go in my berry mix.

With the Berry mix sitting at about 4 blocks a day, plus an apple (2 blocks), sweet potato (3 blocks), and rice (let’s call it 6 blocks), I’m sitting at about 15 blocks a day in carbs.  That’s slightly under my perception of 17, but like I said, a little less should return balance.  I don’t count the Post WOD shake into my block count – for now.

If I am staying strict and I want a beer, I’ll switch out the evening rice for a beer.  That means I need to mix in lots of veggies.  Meat, salad and a Racer 5.  Boom.

Alison has relayed a few questions about Milo, mostly in how long we plan to do it.  The answer is I’m not sure yet.  If you started right, it should just be starting to get heavy and more technically challenging.  I want to keep going, but I need to know when people start failing to finish the required work.  If you fail one week, hold the weight and try again next week.  I want to give Milo AT LEAST another 4 weeks.

Finally, I’ve never done today’s WOD – Death By 10 Meters – before.  It can be done inside or outside.  10 rounds seems doable, I think 12 and up might make you dizzy.  Good luck!

The CrossFit Games are this week!  Good luck to Jen and Nick, who are competing with NorCal CrossFit!

Workout of the Day



3 Power Clean OTM for 10 minutes

Add 5# to last weeks lift


“Death By 10 Meters”

With a continuously running clock, run 10m the first minutes (to cone), 20m the second minute (cone and back), 30m the third minute (cone, back, cone), etc until you are unable to complete the required work in the minute.

What I am going to eat

As I posted the other day, I have basically been eating whatever I want since Regionals.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I haven’t gone completely off the rails.  I generally eat in some form of portions, getting macronutrients at every meal.  Where I have gone off the path of fueling elite performance is in over consuming carbs.  Regular consumption of bread, and worse, sugar started small, but crept it’s way into my nutrition.

So why not just do a Paleo or Zone?  Well, because I’ve done those.  I know the Zone will work for me.  But, I’ve done it before – for 2 years plus.  I could absolutely fall back on the Zone, but I tend to run into problems with “tinkering” with my macronutrients.  I’m not crazy about Paleo, as it leaves me feeling depleted, hungry and under recovered.

Like CrossFit, where folks want to try different stuff from time to time, I want to use my training and experience to find something that works for me.  I’m going to stick to this hard corps for the 2 weeks after the CrossFit Games.

Like Zone principles, I am concerned with macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fat) first, quantity and, finally some thought of micronutrients and avoiding gluten and processed food.


My goal here is to eat roughly 1.5 to 2 pounds of protein a day.  I will stick to no more than 8 ounces of protein per meal, which is slightly above Zone recommendations.  Breakfast will generally be 3 eggs and 3 pieces of bacon (3-6 ounces of protein).

Each meal after will consist of 8 ounces of meat, with a snack thrown in there, usually 4 ounces of protein.

So what will I eat?  Any type of beef, chicken or fish.  I generally avoid pork, as I don’t feel like it fuels me well.  I like bacon, but I will limit my consumption to 3 pieces a day.

I will avoid processed meats – that means little to no salted, cured meats (like salami) or sausages.


Ok, heres where I dig in.  I’ve generally been over carbed, so I may go slightly less than normal to return balance.

Starting off, any amount of green vegetables is good.  I need to eat more, and eat them at all meals.  I’m not a good veggie eater, so I need to force the issue here.

Whenever I start these things, I know I go overboard on fruit, so I am going to seriously limit my fruit intake.  1 apple a day and a berry mix, that’s it.  Berries are low on the glyclemic index, so I’ll do a mix of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc.

In addition, I’ll have 1 sweet potato (Zone says 3 blocks) at 1 meal and one lump of rice the size of a my fist at the other meal (probably closer to 5 or 6 Zone blocks).

No bananas, which for me can be a gateway drug.

Quinoa is ok – I don’t really like it, so the likelihood of overeating it is low, but possible.

I will live with living on berries and quinoa to get off the crack.  If crack is ice cream, sour patch kids and red vines.

Will I be undercarbed?  Maybe, maybe not.  I’ll live.


Here’s another switch for me.  The only fats allowed will be avocado’s or oils (olive, coconut, bacon to cook eggs).  NO NUTS.  Why?  Because I ALWAYS over eat these things.  Rarely will I slam 3 avocados in 1 sitting, but I can polish off a bag of pistachios.  The only nuts I can eat must be mixed with a salad.


I don’t drink milk, so it’s not real concern, but I’m addicted to ice cream.  Butter will be ok.  The only dairy other is unsalted, high quality butter in my coffee with some coconut oil and cheese on my eggs.


I’m going to say 2 drinks of any type are ok.  That’s 2 per week.  I don’t really drink that much.  But if I want a beer, I’ll have one.  And what’s worse – ice cream or beer?  I feel like, right now, if I say ice cream 2x per week is ok, you’ll find me behind a dumpster with a carton of Tillamook and a spoon.

Does anyone care about this?  Am I missing something?  Please post thoughts to comments.

Saturday's WOD - positively electric!

Saturday’s WOD – positively electric!

Workout of the Day


3 sets of

9 Front Squats, 1 Shoulder to Overhead

Take 10 minutes to warm up, then hit 3 heavy sets


3 sets, for reps

1 minute of Toes to bar

1 minute of rest

1 minute of Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead

1 minute of rest

1 minute of Doubleunders

1 minute of rest