Voice in your head – friend or foe?


Voice in your head – friend or foe?

There are moments when I am aware of my unawareness. That time when I realize I am counting my steps…I might not know where I was when I started, but I could tell you it was 57 steps ago. That voice, my unawareness, can be harmless. But what about the voice that likes to tell me to stop moving, drop the barbell and take a really long break.

While this voice might have my best interests at heart, I see it more like a helicopter mom. You know, the one who says “Oh honey, you look tired. Put that down, you have already done so much! Take a break!”

Luckily Helicopter Mom is easily pushed out by my inner Teenager “You don’t get to tell me what to do, and don’t you dare be proud of me.” When my judge says “ok let’s do sets of 5 – you can do 5 more!” Teenager makes me do 8 and then I come closer to winning some Pukie Points. (Those are 15 points but must come organically.) Which voice is my friend?

I have SO many reasons to do the Open. This is my 11th Open. I do the Open to see where I am now, from where I began. I do the Open to prove that I still have some party tricks up my sleeve. I do the Open for the Potluck parties. I do the Open for the craftiness and art projects. I do the Open because I tell everyone else they should. I do the Open, because I never would have gotten bar muscle-ups, even if I never get one again. (There is a video. I swear.) I do the Open to cry EVERY year over someone doing something they never thought they could do, but tried it anyway, because you know, it’s the Open. I do the Open because it has been a long time since I played on a team. I do the Open because I love the organization of scorecards and arguing about standards with Brian. This year I do the Open to compete alongside my kids who are be amazing. I do the Open to spend time with our community- to sweat, laugh, judge people and bandage hands and shins.

I do the Open to hear all of the voices – but mostly the ones from my community cheering me on. Those are the ones that matter.

Why do you do the Open?


Just one of the creative targets for 7 minutes of burpees in the Open in 2012.

Workout of the Day

Min 0-7 – 1 Snatch, any style
Min 8-14 – 1 Clean, any style
From 16-20 Complete 12 Snatch at 135/95, then as many power cleans as possible in the remaining time
2 scores = total pounds in 14 minutes and total reps in last 4 minutes