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What is a “Fatberg?”

October 17, 2016

Are Wet Wipes Wrecking the Worlds Sewers? from The Atlantic.  Actions have consequences.  Even wiping your nether regions so they feel nice and fresh has unforeseen results.  Like making a man made meteorite of poo, viagra buy wipes and whatever else globs together, floating around our sewers like a fecal Death Star.  What is one to do?  Go back to John Wayne TP?  The kind that’s rough, tough and doesn’t take $#!? off anybody?  Is there a better, more biodegradable wipe?


Workout of the Day

Gymnastics Strength/Skill

Handstand work

OTM for 10


“Forearm Fury”


15 Deadlift 185/135

15 Toes to Bar

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