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Week of Royal Rumble (Finals Announced!!!)

August 12, 2018

This is the week of the Royal Rumble!  I will adjust the workouts slightly so those of you competing can “grease the groove” and be ready for Saturday.  For those of you not competing – they will still be good workouts – so get em done.

For those of you that’s don’t know, our barbell workout is called “Dog Collar Match.”  In Pro Wrestling, a Dog Collar match requires each wrestler to wear a dog collar, and the combatants are chained to each other.  In effect, we want you chained to the barbell.

If you search Youtube for other dog collar matches, you will see a lot of bloody dudes that have been whipped by the chain.  This attached Jericho/Saturn clip is pretty tame, but you get the idea.

If you make the finals of the Royal Rumble, you will be rewarded with 1 quick workout: 3-2-1 of Clean and Jerk 245/165 and Snatch 185/110.  Master RX is 205/115 and 135/75.  Scaled is 185/115 and 115/75.  Maters Scaled is 155/95 and 95/55.

As a gym, we will have a prep for the T2B/Burpee/DU on Tuesday, a rope climb/HS practice day on Wednesday and Snatch on Thursday.  Friday will be a breather and a prep day.

Monday night we will be holding a briefing on the Healthy Living Challenge that will start up on September 4th. Join us at 7:30pm for a 30 minute rundown of the challenge!

Workout of the Day

5 sets of 3, 80%

Front Squat


OTM 12

“Try on the Dog Collar”

3 Deadlift

2 Power Clean

1 Thruster

Each round should be unbroken

Mens weights are 165/135/115/95, Ladies are 110/95/75/65

RX/Masters RX/Scaled/Masters Scaled

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