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Some new gear

January 14, 2012


You may notice some new items floating around the gym.  They may not be huge, find but I hope they add to you experience.


First, this we have a stripe!  What’s a stripe you ask?  It’s the blue line that starts at 8 feet and ends at 10 feet.  In my opinion, this is the best, and most versatile wall ball target.  Ladies shoot to 8 feet; you should see blue under you ball every time for the shot to count.  Dudes, you shoot to 10 feet target; you should see grey under the ball on every shot.  I hope you used it on Friday, but there will be plenty of opportunities in the future 😉


Second, we got rubber!  What’s rubber?  We have a bunch of colored elastic bands of varying tensions.  The can be used for many things: mobility work, additional tension on lifts, or pull-up assistance.  If you come in on Saturday, Chance and Christine will work with you on how to use the pull up bands if you need ’em.  Be careful getting in and getting out.  Ever shot a big rubber band at your crotch?



We’re down for the OC Throwdown!  We checked into the event early, and stopped by the hosting gym.  It’s a hardcore gym, but it’s still a CrossFit gym: people having fun working hard, kids running around, 1 bathroom.


Workout of the Day

For 9am


12 Pullups

100 Foot Walking Lunge

12 Plate Burpees


For 10am

I’m not going to be there, but here’s what I would do


Clean and Jerk 205/135

Muscle Up

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  1. Dave Rhoden Reply

    What’s a plate burpees?

  2. joec Reply

    its a burpee with a plate, check out crossfit one world, chyna demonstrates it.

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