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Sarah’s Somethin’ Somethin’ – The Gem of the Skills Clinic

January 29, 2017
We had a skills clinic a couple Saturdays ago- and though I was super excited for those who were able to attend, I was bummed for those who didn’t or couldn’t. A Skills Clinic is a span of time for you to find out what you need to do to make that next step in a movement to achieve an end goal.  The description alone should sell you on the idea of attending (hahahaha)- and yet I will give you more.  I will let you in on the real GEM of the Skills Clinic… you will have multiple coaches there! Why is that such a treasure? Well these movements and their variations are possible for everyone, but sometimes we need to hear instruction/coaching said, demonstrated, and/or performed in a different way in order for that light bulb to go off.  My guess is that everyone does Crossfit to be more fit, so you have a certain gym time on certain days that you’ve set aside for all that fitness.  Chances are, you try to stick to that schedule. Awesome!  Only that means you most likely have the same coach every single class… Also awesome!  Only that means you are learning your movements by one person’s cues and coaching- it’s better then nothing, don’t get me wrong, but I can assure you that light bulbs will go off faster when you hear cues and coaching from many people. Sometimes it just takes a different person saying the same darn thing of the “a-ha!” moment.  And don’t worry, us coaches don’t take offense to this- we know this already.  Shoot- I experienced it first hand last Saturday.
  I rarely get a opportunity to attend Capt. America’s (Chris Forman’s) class times due to an edgy 3 year old and dinner duties, so when he instructed a piece on efficient rowing, the short girl inside was elated.  Chris said some things to us that I’m certain had been said before, but with his visuals and little “what I dos”, something clicked for me.  Let’s not get carried away here, I’m no rowing pro yet, but now I have goals and legit ways to track goal progressions.  It’s an exciting thing and when we did our Row for Calories on Monday, I increase my pace by 5 Calories- yeehaw!  So the idea of these Clinics are for improving progressions of movements, improving effiency of movements, and having the opportunity to hear different cues and tips from a number of coaches.  With that said, attend a Skills Clinic: It’s Gym Worthy.  (see what I did there?)
You mean 60...

You mean 60…

Workout of the Day


Front Squat – Heavy double

Increase by 5-10# from last week.


“Double Grace”

For Time

60 Clean & Jerks 135/95

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