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Same, but different

June 21, 2017

*****The Farewell Workout for Coach Chris is at 5pm on Friday – it is the only evening workout on Friday*****

Thursday’s rep scheme will be the same as Monday’s, but instead of the Squat Clean, we will Snatch.

I am stipulating that you don’t HAVE to receive the bar in a overhead squat – but you should make every attempt to do so.  If you have limited flexibility in the hips or shoulders (or both), gives the Split Snatch a try.  For many athletes, you are able to get away with the power versions of the lift.  I will concede that not every athlete has the ability to receive the bar in an overhead squat.  But every athlete can make every attempt to lower their body, especially the hips, to receive the bar lower.









Workout of the Day


Snatch, Squat or Split



100 Situps

50 Ball Slams 40/25

25 Toes to Bar

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