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Rookie Rumble Recap

June 18, 2013

On Sunday, prescription Bill, clinic Justin and Vanessa took on the Rookie Rumble 2 at Hercules CrossFit.  For me, it was a surprising event – it sold out in hours, the parking lot was packed with vendors and athletes with an army of supporters.  Tent city was set up and the sun was out.  The entire event had great level of energy.

About 100 men and 100 women took on the challenge of 3 WODs over 7 hours or so.  Now, just because a WOD is supposed to be for rookies – maybe it’s light, or not technical or whatever – doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.  When you have 200 men and women trying to prove who is the fittest mofo there – it’s always going to be hard!  Heat after heat, we watched simple WODs leave athletes sprawled and sweaty on the floor, gasping for air.

For Bill, Justin and Vanessa, it was their first individual CrossFit competition.  They all spent the last 2 weeks testing the WODs, playing with new movements or twists on familiar movements, working hard and maybe being a little nervous.

In the end, the all did great.  It was an excellent learning experience, as it provided all our athletes with lessons in speed and intensity.

First off, all CrossFit Oakdale athletes PR’ed their WOD times over testing times.  They used the high energy and packed gym to carry them to faster times, but they remained calm and didn’t allow the more intense circumstances to shake them.

Second, it was a great learning experience.  The WODs were held in the gym, and the quarters were tight.  It was an intimate and intense environment.  It would be very easy to be shaken or to get outside your game plan, allowing the energy to make you speed up or change your plan.  All three stuck with the plan, but allowed the energy to carry them to new levels of intensity.  This is much harder to do then it sounds.

Vanessa finished 6th overall, just missing the finals.  Vanessa finished 3rd in the run/carry/deadlift/pushup WOD and 8th in the triplet.  This is an outstanding showing for your first competition.

Bill finished 13th and went to work that night – on freaking Father’s Day!  Who’s tougher than Bill?  Bill had a high finish of 9th on the final WOD, when he absolutely demolished the 50# 1 arm Snatch.  Bill found ways to “score” when it mattered and climbed up the leader board.

Justin finished in 22nd place, with very consistent performances across the board. I know Justin was begging for some bigger weight or some more technical movements, because he really would have shined.  I think Justin saw how fast you really need to move in competition and he’ll take that knowledge going forward.

In the end, all CFO athletes performed admirably with respect and fun.  They had a good cheering section cheering them on, with Vanessa’s and Justin’s parents being introduced to the awesomeness (weirdness) that is a CrossFit Competition.


Couples that Snatch together…


Workout of the Day


Snatch Capacity Test

10 minutes to warm up to 80% of 1RM Snatch

2 Snatch OTM for 5 minutes

Once 5 minutes is complete, as many Snatch as possible in 2 minutes


For time

60 Chest to Bar Pullups

Run TL Davis Loop


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