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PR's abound and food thoughts

August 20, 2013

So many Front Squat PRs today!  The bell was ringing all day long!  Great job CFO!

In anticipation for the Lurong Living Challenge, generic I’ve got a couple of food questions/observations:

I’ve noticed baby coconuts at Raley’s.  They say these bad boys are good to eat or drink.  Has anyone taken the plunge?  What’s it like to drink one?  How do you do it?  I’ve heard you drill a hole and you can drop a straw inside.  They cost 2 bucks apiece, which is cheaper than a can of any type of decent coconut water.  But I guess you’ll need to cary around a post-WOD drill.  Or machete.

For the last month, my family has been crushing duck and chicken eggs from Monet’s Garden.  I’ve eaten thousands of eggs in my life, but very few duck eggs.  Guess what?  They’re just like regular eggs – except bigger.  I’ve read they are more alkaline than chicken eggs.

A couple things I’ve noticed from farm fresh eggs:

They are way more colorful and flavorful than store bought eggs.  If you mix a couple of farm eggs with a couple of store eggs in a bowl the difference is shocking.  I normally put cheese in eggs to flavor them up, but these is unnecessary with the farm fresh eggs.

Farm eggs, especially duck eggs, have very stout shells.  You can crack a store bought egg with a gentle tap and a practiced hand.  The farm fresh eggs take work.  Are store bought eggs engineered to have weaker, easier to crack shells?  Are they fed a diet that builds  weaker shells?  What does this mean about the nutritional content of the egg?  I have no idea of the answers to these, or many others of life’s questions.

So where do I go for answers?  Well, you tube.  I’ll look into eggs, especially as I consume more duck eggs.  I’ve asked around to some of my non-nutirtion minded friends, and they have all turned up their noses at the notion of eating a duck egg.  Any duck egg eaters out there?

I’m not going to lie, this video is kind of dull.  This guy has the charisma of a paleo spaghetti dish.

Workout of the Day


Hang Squat Snatch

Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes



10 Hang Snatch 135/85

35 Situps

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