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New Coaches and Burpee Update

August 20, 2017

CrossFit Oakdale held a great SummerSlam on Saturday!  CFO athletes did great, and the judges and community did a great job of putting on a great event.  I will give a full run down on the event later in the week.

As you may have noticed, CrossFit Oakdale has some new coaches in our midst.  At CFO, we are firm believers in growing our coaches within our community.  So these are faces you know, and hopefully, love.  Well, at least like.

Coach Brad has already started coaching in the last few weeks.  Brad comes back to the valley by way of Minneapolis, MN.  Brad played collegiate football and got into coaching while living and excising in an affiliate in the great white north.  Welcome Brad!

Coach Tim has been at CFO for nearly 2 years and just recently renewed his CrossFit Level 1 certification.  Tim started CrossFit in his garage by doing main site workouts.  Tim is a mainstay at CFO and will bring his knowledge and experience to bear, even outside of the “5:45pm Zone.”

An update on the #CFO100 Burpee challenge.

We are 14 days in.  Did you fall out already?  Want back in?  We want you to keep going.  W also want to raise the pot.  Here’s the buy back rules:

If you miss a day, you can make your Burpees up for the cost of $1 on the first missed day.  For each day you miss, you must add $1 to your total and make up you Burpees.

If you miss a day, and cannot, or choose not to make it up, you can pay $5 to miss.  For each day that you miss, you must add $5.  Miss a second day, you can buy back in for $10.  Miss a third day?  The buy back is $15.

Workout of the Day


Parking Lot Run

30 Doubleunders

Even Rounds 10 Burpees to Plate

 Odd Rounds 10 Plate Burpees

Men 45, Ladies 25

Whats the difference?  on a Burpee to plate, you jump on the plate.  On the Plate Burpees, you put the plate over your head.

Accessory Work

4 sets of 12 

Hammer Curls


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