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“Murph” on Saturday

June 09, 2017

Because we missed Murph on Memorial Day, which has become national Murph day, we will knock it out of Saturday.

We will only run 1 heat.  We will kick off at 9am, and hopefully start the workout by 9:20am.

If you are concerned about the volume, it is easily scalable.  You may also partner or team up to knock out all the work.  You may also partition the calisthenics anyway you wish.  You can do it all like a chipper, you can do 20 rounds of Cindy, or like the Gams last year you can do 5 rounds of 20/40/60.  Or you could do 100 rounds of 1/2/3.

I alos recommend scaling to the easiest for you early.  This may mean body pulls or even kettlebell swings for the pull-ups and knee or slingshot pushups.

Finally, half Murph is an excellent option. Running, plus 5/100/150 is still a ton of work.

Workout of the Day


Run 1 Mile

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

Partition reps as needed.  If you have body armor, wear it.


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