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More Box Jumps lol just kidding.

September 27, 2016

I made a slight adjustment to the work we did last week.  This is for a couple reasons.  One – I know people asked after the strength session (power hour?) if they should do more, dosage or breath heavy.  I’m know it’s fine, approved if you are training regularly to have days where you just do strength.  But not everyone comes everyday – I get that.  So there is some breathing thrown in.

As far as the breathing workouts.  They are 8-12 minutes of pretty hard effort.  You probably can’t do them at 100%, but starting out at 80-90% of your perceived rate of exertion is a place to start.

Also, these are basic, monostructructural sessions.  If you are ever early and want to work really hard for less than 20 minute , these are 3 conditioning options.  Row, run or bike hard.

Second.  If you did the 90 Medicine Ball Cleans from yesterday I’m guessing the idea of squatting is anathema.

So much heart went into this WOD today by  Paul. LOVE THE EFFORT!

So much heart went into this WOD today by Paul. LOVE THE EFFORT!

Workout of the Day


OTM 10

5 Strict Pullups

5 Dips


Bench Press

In 15 minutes, build to a heavy set of 5


Run TL Davis 2x (approximately 1.5 miles) or Row 2k or 150 Calories on the AD

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