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CrossFit ASAP wins the Franniversary!

December 09, 2013

The Franniversary was a huge success!  First, viagra 60mg we want to thank everyone that participated in what was the biggest day in CrossFit Oakdale history.  Athletes willing to put themselves on the line, judges willing to put in their time and energy, fans cheering on their friends and family members – thank you for being a part of this!

The community at CrossFit Oakdale made this day possible – we are continually humbled by your energy, enthusiasm and love.

We hope you enjoyed the “every second counts” format.  Like the bracket style format last year, it is something different and made for very exciting final events.

In the end, Tony Malta and Tyler Wilcox from CrossFit ASAP in Dixon, CA made every second count and won $500 and first place.  They held off Buddy Hitchcock and Josh Phillips from CrossFit Excel, who finished second, by 5 seconds.  The Misfits, made up of Nick Herrera and Cody Lee, took third.

In the intercontinental Division, CrossFit Dark Element from Stockton, CA swept the podium.  Chips and Salsa took home first place in the IC.

CrossFit Oakdale athletes did great – Nick and Sam just missed the podium, taking 4th place and Justin and Paul had a strong showing in the finals.

Denny and Kenny Lima just missed the podium, taking 4th place in the IC, with Vanessa and Jill finishing mere seconds outside of the finals.

Out of 15 final team teams, CFO had 3 in the finals.  There were a bunch of tough Regional level athletes, at least 2 former NFL players, and who knows what other athletic prowess was lurking out there.  Great job folks!

I may be biased, but my favorite moments of the weekend was Hannah and Nick finishing the WOS to everyones cheers.

I may be biased, but my favorite moments of the weekend was Hannah and Nick finishing the WOS to everyones cheers.


Workout of the Day


Week 2 of the Cube


1 set of 8, 70% of 1RM

Take 10-15 minutes to warm up to a heavy set of 8.  Use 5s and 3s to warm up.  This should be heavy and challenging.  But not too much so.  Over the program, we will re-attempt at 75% and 80%. those lifts will be tough.



7 Pullups

7 Hand Release Pushups

7 Kettlebell Swings Blue/Yellow

This is a version of the first WOD at the Merced Holiday throw down.  It looks like a good one, but I’ve shortened it to 7 minutes.  If you are competing this weekend, and you want to give it a shot, go ahead.  Otherwise, you may want to try a round at the top of each minute.  Practice FAST, efficient transitions.  They will matter!

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