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August 06, 2017

Congrats to CFO Alumni Jen Cadmus!  Jen’s team Norcal CrossFit Redwood City took 4th pace at the CrossFit Games!  This was Jen’s 3rd trip and her best placing so far.  Great work Jen!

Heavy pulls on Monday, Snatch workout on Tuesday, Squat and Fran training on Wednesday and another Snatch day on Friday.

Check out the details of our new 100 Burpees Challenge.  This started with my plan to 100 burpees, everyday, for 100 days.  That’s 10,000 Burpees.  Here’s my rules:

Option #1

Everyday, you must do 100 Burpees.  You can break them however you like.  It can take as long or be as fast as you want.

Any burpee in a warm up or workout counts towards your total “100.”

Any style of burpee counts: vanilla, over a bar, lateral, to touch, over a box, pull-ups, muscle up, whatever.  They all count to the total.

Some days this will be tough.  But sometimes, you need to be tough.  Sometimes, you will have to work, or coach soccer, or you will have a cold.  And you will do 100 burpees.  Try 5 on the minute for 20 minutes.  You can do this by just barely breaking a sweat.  You can do this after getting up in the morning, in a parking lot while you gas up, in a conference room at work.

If you do your burpees in a cool, fast, or interesting way, or even in a boring way, take a picture or tell a story on social media.  Tag it with #cfo100.

Is doing 100 burpees in a conference room or parking lot?  I guess it depends on your perspective.  I think it’s cool.

There will be a cash prize.  Here’s the rules.  Pay $10 to enter.  The total will be split among the people that finish the 100 days.

What if you miss a day?

You’re out.  Honor system.  If you lie about burpees, Dante must have a level of hell for you.

Is it possible that everyone does 100 Burpees, and you just get your money back?  Yup.

Option #2

Do 50.

Same idea as Option#1.  It’s just less.  That’s 5,000.

Option #3.

Start with 1 on day 1.  On day 2, do 2.  On day 3, 3.  And so forth.

That’s also 5,050

Workout of the Day


Clean Grip Deadlift


If you can pull big weight, when you ge too the singles, add a shrug.



5 Deadlift 275/185

10 Burpees to touch

The touch does not have to be to a set height, but you need to ensure your are fully extended.  So, touch something.

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