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A List of Tips!

September 07, 2012

Dan John’s Top 10 Tips.  I love me some Dan John lists!  This is like a double, decease or even triple top 10 list.  My favorite is the second #10 – Have Some Passion!


Sean during Thursday’s Lalanne Fitness Throwdown WOD

Workout of the Day



Back Squat

5 sets of 1, add 10# from last week.  Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Remember, we started 6 weeks ago with 65% of 3 rep max.  We’ve added 60 pounds since that time.  These singles should feel moderately heavy, but fast from the bottom of the squat.




10 Pullups

1 Suicide Sprint

20 Pullups

1 Suicide Sprint

30 Pullups

1 Suicide Sprint…

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