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Sleepy Time

March 15, 2017

Are You a Bedtime Procrastinator? from Headspace.  Sleep is good.  If you ever lie in bed and feel the events of the day past or the days ahead spinning around in your head, or played some game-y gang instead of getting some much deserved shut eye, here you go.

Andy was nice enough to throw in a sleep meditation.  Give it a try.  Or try the 1 minute sleep meditation I attached.  I will tell you shortly after starting Headspace, which I have been at for over 2 years, I started doing a sleep meditation to help with falling asleep.  Instead of my mind spinning like a mouse on a wheel,  I did the sleep meditation every night for 2 months.  Pretty soon, I was waking up well rested and all tied up in my headphones.  On top of all that, I started a nightly process of getting away from electronics and stressful TV.  And my damn phone. Instead of watching Breaking Bad or sifting through the CrossFit Games leaderboard, I began reading in quiet, drinking tea, and easing into sleep.  This took time, but I’m glad I made the change.

Workout of the Day


Parking Lot Run

12 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

6 Pullups


Parking Lot Run

6 Kettlebell Snatches 53/35, Right Arm

6 Kettlebell Snatches 53/35, Left Arm

3 Muscle Ups

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