Change of plans on Saturday – CFO is OPEN

Due to popular requests, we haven’t done burpees this week.  Enjoy the break, but know the floor misses you.

Also, due to obligations in town – baseball and birthday parties – Alison and I won’t be able to make it CrossFit Parabellum on Saturday.  If I can get down there and check out the event a little later, I will.  The gym will be OPEN on Saturday – 9am and 10am – like normal.

Chuck C breaks down the thruster in less than a minute.

Workout of the Day


Front Squat

5 sets of 2, 80% of 1RM



1 Thruster 95/65

1 Kettlebell Swing 53/35

2 Thrusters

2 Kettlebell Swings

3 Thrusters

3 Kettlebell Swings

4 Thrusters

4 Kettlebell Swings…

Keep going up by 1s.  How high can you go?

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