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2014 CFO Paleo/Zone Nutrition Challenge

January 20, 2014

2014 CFO Paleo/Zone Nutrition Challenge

$30 Buy In Fee

Measurements taken: arm, thumb chest, health waist, pill hips (ladies), thigh

Photographs: Front, Back and Side-sports bra/fitted tank top and shorts for ladies, shorts for men. You must wear the EXACT same outfit for the next time. Final Measurements Saturday March 1st after 9am class.

 Baseline WOD Date: Saturday February 1st, 2014 9am

Final WOD Date: Saturday March 1st, 2014 9am

Baseline WOD 15 Minutes

5 Minutes to establish a 2 RM (touch and go) Clean

10 Minute AMRAP 

10 pushups

15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

20 Air squats

 Weekly Challenges: (+10 points for each completed task)

  1. 1 week menu plan due February 3rd
  2. Set a Goal: 10 unbroken pushups? 20 unbroken DU? Goal sheet due  Monday February 10th
  3. Physical Challenge : Your physical goal is due February 24th. Can be video taped and submitted, or just watched/validated by a coach, Brian or Alison.
  4. Food Sharing: Bring in a snack/meal that you enjoyed during the challenge to share during our final meeting Sunday March 2nd, 3pm.

 Guidelines and Point Allotment:

Paleo – Eat lean meats, lots of fiber-rich veggies, some fruit, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. No: dairy, grains, alcohol, processed foods, fatty meats, sugar. No measuring or portioning is necessary, but use your best judgement.

Zone – Balance of Macronutrients eaten certain times during the day: Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. Protein is 7g, Fat 1.5g, and Carbs 9g Measuring and Portion sizes are a must.

 Google Document: You will be logging meals, WOD’s, Fish Oil, Water consumption, Sleep. There is a section for your comments – how are you feeling, attitude, how the WOD that day went, etc. And a section for others comments. This is a great place to cheer each other on as well as get food ideas.


Paleo- Clean or dirty – +3pts for a clean meal, +1 for clean snack. -5pts for dirty meal, -2pts for a dirty snack

 $1 for meal infraction/$5 for entire day *** The first week penalties will be tripled*** First week penalties SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Give your body a chance to get rid of everything and then see how you feel.

 Zone- +3pts for a balanced/correct block meal, +1 for balanced/correct block snack. -5pts for unbalanced/incorrect block meal, -2pts for a unbalanced/incorrect block snack

 WOD: There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk. You must sign in to get credit for your WOD. I will check the log at the end of each week. WOD’s must be done on separate days – you can’t do 5 WODs in one day and get 20 points. WOD’s must be done in the gym. If you are on the 2day membership, you can bump up to unlimited for $30 for the month.

5 days of WOD’s  +20 pts

4 days of WOD’s  +10pts

3 days of WOD’s +5pts

2 days of WOD’s +0 pts

<2 days of WOD’s -5pts

 Fish Oil Requirement: 3 gm per day +1pt if you take it -1 if you don’t


8+ hours +3pts

7 hours +1 pt

6 hours 0pt

<6 hours -3 points

 Alcohol: Zone diet allows alcohol, just check the carbohydrate blocks to make sure you don’t go over. Paleo – 1 4oz glass of red wine per day or 2 alcoholic drinks per week.

 Water: 1 oz for every 2#’s of body weight. Example: I weigh 165# so I should drink 83oz of water. Not all in the beginning of the day, but throughout the day.

 Prizes : 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on % of your personal measurement loss – Male and Female categories. There will also be a “Spirit of CrossFit Oakdale” Prize


Definitely not on the Paleo Menu:)

Definitely not on the Paleo Menu:)

 Workout of the Day


DeadLift Week 8 of the Cube

3 Sets of 8, 70% of 1RM


OTM 10

Even Minutes: Pullups

Odd Minutes: Wall Ball Shots

Work for no more than 40 seconds, rest/transition for the remaining time. Score is total number of repetitions. Keep a running count. If you are planning on doing the Open (and you should) do Chest to Bar pullups. 

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