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January 17, 2013

So this Saturday 10am was a bit sparse. It was Brian, approved Alison & Denny. If you don’t know who Denny is, purchase the main qualities to point out are 100 watt smile, capsule most amazing positive attitude and a “never say die” spirit. We have known Denny for awhile, his wife, Ashly, was our first garage member. When he is not killing WOD’s in the gym, he does them at home in his own garage.

Denny was kind enough to put pen to paper and share some thoughts with us. Thanks Denny!

I have to ask, What is the most important part of your daily experience at CFO?

  • Is it simply walking through the doors? You’re a success in my book already!
  • Is it sitting on the floor and rolling out with a buddy or grabbing a band and stretching parts of your body you never ever thought to stretch Before? Oh how it hurts…….but we like it!
  • Is it forming a circle and stretching with amazing people?
  • Is it watching Bob and myself be “that guy” and performing the running man before a lung burning snatch DblU couplet? FYI…It was impressive by all stretches of the imagination. Just ask Victoria Gage!
  • Is it 3….2….1…Go? The emotions of the WOD? The end of the WOD?

You see, over a week ago I decided to take my binder home to consolidate my WOD notes from CFO with my WOD notes from home. What started as a fairly easy and mundane task, turned into one of the most inspiring things I have ever done for myself. I know it sounds a little whacked, but it is so TRUE! No, there was no mind altering drugs or a bottle of Frekin’ involved either!
All the questions that I listed above are truly what the daily experience is about and should be about at CFO! It is, in my honest opinion! How do you remember those amazing spiritual feelings that make us come back? How do you remember that lift that you pulled from the floor like it was nothing? What about that day where the competition in your head is just heckling you to no end, but you push through the voices and grind it out? Simple,You’re Binder! Notes, Notes, and more Notes! I wrote down a quote along time ago that states “ Everything that is past is either a learning experience to grow on, a beautiful memory to reflect on, or a motivating factor to act on.”.
Obviously staring at the white board (think zombie like) copying down what your strength and WOD results are is great.  To me a WOD with a time in the “Workout” box is emotionless. What does it state about what you accomplished or what you failed to do? Did you struggle? Did you bonk? Did you absolutely hammer down? To heavy or to light? What needs improved! Right it down ASAP! You are fresh off the WOD and your emotions are at the surface and the truth comes out as raw and non P.C as you could imagine! Here are a couple of entries that created this “epiphany” of excitement:

  • 04/12/12 (third day in the box) 3X3 FS @ 135. Comment: Brutally tough. The WOD 9min AMRAP 9 pwr cleans at 95lbs + 6 FR sq + 3 jerks for 5+10 Comment: “Solid until min 5, Bonked @ 8, Could of done way better”. Really? I was staring at the clock!? I would like to kick that dudes face in right now. I would smash that guy! 135lb FS brutally tough? I just put up 205 for 2×3 and 225 for 1X3 AND THAT WAS 70% of 1RM on 01/15/2013! No way am I bragging, but that gets me so fired up and instills complete and utter confidence that the programing is spot on! What’s it going to be in another 8 months? I like that thought A LOT!
  • “Good Weight! Felt Good! Need Cardio!”, “Hands are tore up but need to work on pullups!”, “Last 400 kicked me in the (you know where)”, “That Burned. Almost puked.”, “Your DblU’s suck! Need to get busy on them!”. Now my cardio is decent, the pullups are fair to good, and I can bang out the DblU’s without damaging a body part!
  • 05/03/12 (RX birthday) WOD was 5RFT 15-95lb PC +15 T2B 12:19. “Fired up! T2Bhurt bad but willed through it. Lactic and grip gone”.  I’m ready to go after that number!

Progress and the process of personal improvement, be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually is all measurable and extremely attainable. The key is you have to know where you came from and where you want to go. Goals? Specific goals I heard this a long time ago about setting goals :
“The major reason for setting a goal is for the change that must take place within you to achieve it”
You may have been doing Crossfit for 1 month, 8 months, 1 year or even 5 years and the ability to look back on a Wod, a lift, or a period of time when training was dynamic and effortless is just remarkable! Note information about your experience down, give it a try. Then in 6 months look to see what you have accomplished. If anything take the pleasure to look back on all the work you put into yourself and say “ I DID THAT!” Be proud! You might get fired up too! Can you imagine what is possible if we were to implement this in our beautiful lives outside the blue and electric avocado walls of CFO?

Denny warming up during the ProAnox Masters Competition in the September.

Denny warming up during the ProAnox Masters Competition in the September.

Workout of the Day


High Bar Back Squat

3×3, 85% of 1RM

This should be heavy.



10 Toes to Bar

Lunge out of building

1 armed Overhead weighted walk, 10m

Lunge back into building

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